GP Interview: BioShock

Gamepro sits down with Ken Levine to discuss the Empire State Building, interoperability, and BioShock.

GP: Bioshock has shown to be a complex game; just playing the first two levels shows a lot of its depth. Is there something about the game in particular that gave you the most trouble with content?

LEVINE: The very nature of what someone called the interoperability -- that anything can be used as a weapon, that any object can be used -- makes for a challenging game to balance and tune. But it also makes the game really awesome, like when a tester comes back and tells you " You know you can do this, right?" and we say, "No!" We found out a few weeks ago that the bots that follow you around once you hack them; if you stick a proximity mine on them they'll kamikaze the target. That just happened. Or when you use telekinesis on a tripwire. Of course a lot of unintentional things happen also that we have to fix. But when you build an underlying simulation like we did, these situations come out and it creates more and more gameplay. The creative director of 2K has a good saying: "Say yes to the player. When you expect something to work a certain way, whenever you can, say yes to him."

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