New PSP Docking System Features SRS TruSurround Virtual Surround Sound Technology

SRS Labs, Inc. announced that Accessories 4 Technology Limited has signed a licensing agreement with SRS Labs for the use of several audio technologies in a docking station for the PSP, will feature SRS TruSurround virtual surround sound rendering technology.

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nice_cuppa4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )


\/ are you serious ?

TheWiseguy4023d ago

What exactly was the point of your comment?

Arkham4023d ago

It'll be great around the house or office, esp. with the ability to stream all music stored on my PS3 over the net. Very handy, and some of these docking systems have decent sound.

Only an idiot would think a PSP or iPod docking station was meant to be carried around.

Well, at least your useless comments are consistent.

Red4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

perhaps he's referring to the unwieldy size of the "portable" system when attached to the dock.

If you have a dock(for home use) instead of some sort of actual audio/video receiver, thats sad. But even worse would be not buying the "dock" for home, but for the road. Which would then make the portability of the "dock" more important, thusly making my "unwieldy" remark prudent and completely relevant. O.K. graduate?

Arkham4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

Hence the freakin' word "DOCK", Sarah.

Yeah, my laptop's docking station is sooo unwieldy. Man, I guess I should take it back.

Edit for kid above: No, b/c I can move the damn dock easily to any of a dozen possible rooms, or out on the deck or in our backyard. Works well enough with the PSP on its own w/wireless and headphones.

If you can't comprehend the benefits of a docking station, your comments really have no relevance and remain nothing more than sad attempts at trolling.

Sorry, but you are coming across as a fanboy who has no idea what he's talking about, and only cares about slamming a particular platform. This isn't a PSP-specific issue, so get over your bias.

Are you aware how many iPod/portable player docking stations are out there? There's a use for them, and a demand for them. Same with PSP docks.


No, a dock is purely for when you're not mobile, so you can get some sort of decent sound out of it.

I didn't assume you cared a whit about the PSP, but your tone gave the impression you were purposely trolling, since his comment was clearly meant to instigate. If you were only trying to "help", then I do apologize. But I think he knew exactly what he was saying.


Red4023d ago

what exactly did I write to give you the impression that I cared about the PSP? I was just trying to convey what one guy said to another guy in a more understandable way. Guess thats what I deserve for trying to help. BTW, if an ipod/psp/ds/dslite/gameboy/poc ketPC or any other "PORTABLE" device has a betamax player sized "dock", it defeats the object of portability. Graduate.

Fezthebest4023d ago (Edited 4023d ago )

okay a dock is for when you are not mobile, like Arkham said. Even if a system is meant to be "portable" when your at home and you want to make a system sound better/ sometimes visually tooo/ sometimes also while charging.
A docking station is a part of a portable computer that remains on a desk, containing hardware that is not needed when on the road. Docking stations are often used to outfit a light-weight ultraportable so that it is more of a desktop replacement, FOR USE AT HOME

ALIEN4023d ago

I need one of those.

Good news keep on coming. It's great to be a gamer at this momment.

TLSBill4023d ago

First news story for me, and I posted it because I'm gonna hook it up when available. I bought the Nyko charge/speaker system for viewing, and this is like that to the third power.

Arkham4021d ago

Good find!!

I'm very interested in this one. I'll be hunting down some reviews as the product becomes available. Post one if you find one!