Is Modern Warfare 2 Infinity Ward's "Swan Song"?

Activision had accused the heads at Infinity Ward (Vince Zampella and Jason West) for conspiring against the company from threatening Modern Warfare 2's early development to creating a studio that goes against Activision's benefit. It is a huge mess and the proverbial case of "he said, she said" at this point – however, the repercussions of this case could very well mean the end of Infinity Ward.

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swiftshot933140d ago

Activision ruined MW2, not IW. CoD4 is still the best FPS this generation folks.

logichurtsfanboys3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

As someone mentioned in another article, Infinity ward were in fact the ones that made the game. Don't get me wrong I hate Activision as much as the next gamer. But Infinity Ward were offered however much money they wanted to make MW2 by Activision. And from what I understand, they took barely any. Also, just about every patch Infinity Ward released for MW2, brought more bugs and glitches. My point is, Infinity ward is just as responsible as Activision.

Edit: Hopefully EA will give Respawn entertainment more time to make games, and force them to do a beta test lol.

Pandamobile3140d ago

It was a joint move by Activision and IW to completely screw up MW2.

Mista T3140d ago

Activison forced IW to release MW2, yet its made all these millions and IW devs have barley gotten any money at all, that's why MW2 is yet to be fully fixed

Dellis3140d ago

IW are just lazy, Activision will make more money without them now

MW/COD are household names, they will sell no matter what,

the hardcore nerds can worry about IW and all that but the fact

is if they drop another COD this year it will sell better then

whatever game "Respawn" are going to put out, its that simple.

FragGen3140d ago

Just to put this in perspective, according to VGChartz, out of the top 5 all time sellers for PS3 and XBOX 360. THREE of them are Activision games and not just any Activision games ALL THREE are Call of Duty games. This franchise has had unprecedented success.

So.... just on those two platforms, the three titles in question have sold a combined, 41.6 MILLION copies. If you figure average purchase price is $50, that is $2 BILLION in revenue generated just from those three games on two platforms.

That is FREAKING HUGE.... completely insane. No wonder everyone involved is acting like a nut. Money'll do that.

1. Halo 3
2. MW2
3. COD4
4. GTA4
5. COD: WaW

1. MW2
2. GTA4
3. COD4
4. MGS4
5. COD:WaW