Project Natal Is "Ticket To The Coolest Party" Says MS

Late this year is when Project Natal will make its way to "millions" of living rooms according to Xbox front man Aaron Greenberg. The men behind the revolutionary device believe it'll change our lives forever and if you don't have it, you're missing out on the "coolest party" in town.

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Joule3082d ago

Ill tell you one thing I wouldnt want to be seen at that party.

yay I blocked a red ball!

LordMarius3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

in this party you will look drunk while being sober and have zero chance of getting lucky

@Below: Yeah because I show everyone my N4G account, lmao

Megaton3082d ago

I'm sure he'll be in attendance.

kaveti66163082d ago

Marius, you have an avatar of a 15 year old girl from the Disney Channel. And you're talking about someone else's chances at getting "lucky"?

3082d ago
xTruthx3082d ago

" Mean while, I will have the hot girls over to play that balls game. You know the one they always seem to find those hot chick willing to demo. I heard that when they play with the red balls demo long enough the balls turn blue"


erathaol3082d ago

Its official Microsoft are the cool kids! Now everyone wants to be with them or be like them.


Army_of_Darkness3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

I don't think a combination of drunk people at a party and natal go well together.... someone will surely get b1tch slapped, kicked or kneed accidentally for sure, Lol!

Sunny_D3082d ago

Wow, that's a corny as hell statement...

-MD-3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

"have zero chance of getting lucky"

Opposed to the chance of getting lucky while using the wand?

peppeaccardo3082d ago

I must admit that, even if I kinda dislike the WII, Nintendo is the only company that in this generation is still sticking to its roots by delivering family fun with causal video games, whether PS3 and XBOX are playing catchup by transforming themselves into something else (I am looking at you XBOX avatars and PS MOVE). From a technology stand point, it is also admirable how only after 4-5 year into this console generation Sony and MS can practically re-brand themselves offering improved services and a completely new experience. I guess these are good times for being a gamer.

Corepred43082d ago

and who brought up the wands? seriously, dumb fanboys. Blame MS for they're stupid comment.

thewhoopimen3082d ago

I'm sorry murderdolls but the wands vibrate. Good for something on women after all said and done. :)

Bzone243082d ago

"I'm sorry murderdolls but the wands vibrate. Good for something on women after all said and done. :) "

Not measuring up where it matters? 3 minutes a personal best? When you can't satisfy her, Move will.

Move will sell like crazy if they market it right. lol

movements3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

@ GiantCrab spouting nonsense below: Watch the full thing, you've just made yourself look not to smart there sir.

Sites that are serious about what they do don't go making up quotes...

You probably didn't even watch the full thing. The quote is at the end.

Note to the wise: look before you leap.

WildArmed3082d ago

You know.. contrary to common belief..
parties NEVER involve consoles.. atleast the parties I'm talking about.

If you think I'm talking about Xbox Live Party, then you are very wrong. lol

Hill_billy3082d ago

That would mean I would have to set my drink down and that ain't going to happen.

-MD-3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

Nobody brought up the wand it was just the Sony fanboys equivalent to Natal. My comment was more or less for comedic value but people are so defensive that they would rather argue.

"Blame MS for they're stupid comment."


IaMs123082d ago

Haha! Maybe as a party with just a couple of friends over hanging out... but if you call that a party well ya...

ThanatosDMC3082d ago

HAHAHAHAH! That was a great find with the old lady yelling "pow pow pow"! HAHAHA! Bubbles up for you guys.

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HighDefinition3082d ago (Edited 3082d ago )

IDC what system you like.....That was f**kin CORNY!!!

So,so corny.

BRG90003082d ago

It sounds more like something Nintendo would say.

Halochampian3082d ago

this and some alcohol would make for a party haha.

Hank Hill3082d ago

Coolest party? Did you see the way people look when playing Natal? Cool?

Steffl3r3082d ago

It must look pretty stupid to get up and do something huh? =P

But hey PS3 knows their fans, because they know they just like to sit down kick back and hold a long stick in their hands and shake it around XP
(Before I get disagrees I was just joking both look awesome)

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