Why We Need MAG 2... Already

DualShockers writes, "Many gamers in MAG have been experiencing a heightened sense of teamwork in the game. This is the key to what makes MAG stand apart from other first person shooter games out there. In at least one or more instances though, I have began to see issues arise where teamwork takes a backseat to individual priorities like points and kill:death ratio as well as pranks and hi-jinx like team-kill wars. I think most MAG shooters out there will have to agree with me on this one; it seems to be coming mostly from the Valor team in the game. What was once arguably the most organized Private Military Corp in the game has become the most rowdy and out of control. So you ask, what does this have to do with MAG 2?"

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Hitman07693137d ago

It's time Sony and Zipper get serious and open this game up! It is Massive but could be much more so! I doubt they will do it though, so MAG 2 better hurry up and get here before some one else beats the team to the punch!

knightdarkbox3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

because MAG suc*s..The game is no challange and its too many crappy people playing so killing people is easy and not satisfying. Its just not fun.

xTruthx3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"The game is no challange and its too many crappy people playing so killing people is easy"

Yeah you haven't played MAG lol, and If you did you where pretty high when you did. MAG actually requires more skill than COD. Kills don't make you win, team work does. 256 players following orders at the same time to accomplish the mission, not camping and getting nukes by just waiting for the harrier and chopper gunner to get you 25 kills

Hitman07693137d ago

If you say no to this then my question to you is, why do you not want to play a bigger, better version of an already great game?

Myst3137d ago

I'd say no and ask why you'd want a MAG 2 instead of a MAG expansion? Personally still have yet to get this game and probably won't for a while, but from what I keep hearing people still love it, play it and see it as a drug. Why not just continue the run with an expansion instead of jumping ship to another installment.

I guess given a good enough reason I suppose my opinion would sway to 'yeah it would be good to get a MAG 2' [I'm guessing the reason is because an expansion may not work as well on this?] but as of right now I'd say expansion packs...

-Alpha3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

Because it's too early (judging by the title of article). MAG 1 is still going strong and it would screw fans if another one comes up so soon.

MAG 1 is still in desperate need for more maps, as that is the number one request from fans. DLC and stuff will roll out.

After Socom 4 I would like to see MAG but lets not kill the MAG community so early with another game when the first one is still being played by fans.

Anyways, I think that's the biggest problem with dropping a game right now. MAG suffers from competition and lack of content. I think its best for Zipper to focus on getting new content out ASAP before more players leave for other shooters.

SeanRL3137d ago

MAG was a nice experiment, Zipper tried something new, it was ok. I think right now they need to focus on Socom. Come out with MAG 2 in a couple years when technology has advanced further. That way they can make MAG 2 but also put in better graphics and more content.

-Alpha3137d ago

Yeah I agree with that. As good as MAG is I think SOCOM is a better franchise for Zipper. I'm predicting MAG 2 a year after SOCOM 4 launches with better graphics and obviously more players is going to be the draw again. The first one still needs to iron out some issues and add some more content. MAG players are really decreasing because of games like BC2 and it's not going to stop with Killzone 3, Resistance 3, and other shooters like Reach. There are just way too many shooters on the market that are competing with each other right now.

taz80803137d ago

many people think that Zipper used MAG to test the waters for what they woudl do with SOCOM. I think MAG 2 will get a backburner until after SOCOM

WildArmed3136d ago

oi oi.
Fu<k MAG 2.
I'll feel like when L4D2 came out.

I just want more maps for MAG.. and maybe more game modes..
But I'm still very happy w/ MAG as it is

Redempteur3136d ago

no need for a mag 2 .. it's still strong thanks to the community and the FREE dlcs

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Ninferno3137d ago

i would get mag 2, but definitely never mag 1

Ninferno3137d ago

who here actually plays mag 1?

keysy4203137d ago

best shooter of the year

ryano232773136d ago

My current GOTY. 120+ hrs & counting.

Really looking forward to MAG's future in the next few months.

Hank Hill3137d ago

Focus on SOCOM please. Slant 6 screw up SOCOM 4 so Zipper has to bring SOCOM 5 back to it's former glory.

AzarVC3137d ago

Agrizzled, mah nizzle, Mr Hank Hizzle.