Eurogamer Interview with Turok Dev.

Eurogamer get hands on with the Turok Developers Proaganda Games

"The last time Eurogamer saw Turok... In fact, let's just leave that alone. The latest stab at dino-shooting comes from Vancouver-based Propaganda Games and publisher Disney Interactive, and transplants the action to a far-away world where dinosaurs are only half the trouble. With the game nearing the end of development, Eurogamer caught up with Propaganda co-founder and studio manager Josh Holmes and game director Joel Manners to talk about their plans......"

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Neo-Delta3878d ago

Can't wait for this game

Legionaire20053878d ago

This game looks better and probably plays better than Area 51: Blacksite, but can it beat Halo 3? Who knows? People should not forget that Turok was a classic that was one of the originators of this genre so Halo would see the light of day if it wasn't for Turok. Nuff said.