IGN: ModNation Racers Video Preview

Get creative. And get ready to drive.

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blusoops3140d ago

can't wait for all the free tracks i'll be getting on a daily basis! Who needs DLC?? LOL


About the Loading Times and Low FPS (that guy based in the Beta Built),

They will fix that, according in the Inteview with the developer in Gamespot.

They notice the Loading times and Low FPS in the beta

Skip to 8:18.

Sevir043140d ago

*RED FLAG GOES UP* This is why i hate the media, always trying to put Sony into this big competition with established games. Why does this have to be a Mario Kart Killer? personally I think this game stands on the merits mario kart has and ups the ante with creative tools and robust online play features. Is this a really awesome Game, you bet, a mario kart killer? hell no, it's not on the Wii and Wii owners wont drop Mario kart to play this this, it will however co-exist and be a popular game just Like LBP, i just hope Sony Pushes this harder than it has with LBP, because this game is the cat's meow.