Finalists for Canadian Videogame Awards revealed

Finalists for the 1st Annual Canadian Videogame Awards, which will take place on May 5th, have been announced.

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mjolliffe3143d ago

Man, Assassins Creed II will take a few of these!

SeanRL3143d ago

Sorry, but that list seems kind of retarded.

RankFTW3143d ago

Hmm it seems like some big games are missing from that list.

SeanRL3143d ago

They could only use Canadian games.

Foliage3143d ago

Ouch, Splinter Cell: Conviction couldn't even make the most promising list...

t-dizzle3143d ago

Promising refers to up and coming. Splinter Cell is already out. Oh, and it is awesome as well. (But then again so is Invader Zim so you win points there).

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djfullshred3143d ago

Assasins Creed 2 is a fun game, and real work of art IMHO. It deserves recognition.

cool cole3143d ago

Oh Canada, why do you fail me?

Bathyj3143d ago

They're not even a real country anyway.

Bathyj3143d ago

I kid.
I kid.

Its a song, its a song.

You guys are great Buddy.

cool cole3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

I'm not your buddy, friend!

Foliage3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

Canada has worked on some pretty incredible games... I know you guys are kidding, but a little research can't hurt.

In fact, some of Ubisofts biggest franchises are developed up here:

Rainbow Six's
Splinter Cell's
Prince of Persia's
Far Cry's
Assassin's Creed's

Not to mention Rockstar:

Grand Theft Auto's
Max Payne's
Manhunt 2
The Warriors

or EA:
Need For Speed's
Army of Two's
Various sports games

Heck, Bioware is Canadian, do you want to overlook:
Mass Effect's
Dragon Age's
Baldur's Gate's
Neverwinter Nights'
Jade Empire

Then you have many other great developers: Relic, Radical, Digital Extremes (heck they co-developed Unreal), A2M, Silicon Knights, Barking Dog (owned by Take Two), Slant Six, United Front Games, Backbone Entertainment (Super Street Fighter II Turbo: HD Remix), etc. etc. etc. (I know I'm missing a bunch, this is all off the top of my head).

Canada is home to the two largest video game companies in the world EA Burnaby, and Ubisoft Montreal.

Also Ubisoft Toronto is opening soon, and they have a heck of a lot of funding.

P.S. Jade Raymond.

Bathyj3143d ago

I ain't your friend Guy.

cool cole3143d ago

Wow, I never knew that many games were developed in Canada, thanks for the insight man!

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gareno3143d ago

thats my birthday

p.s. canada rocks

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