Sony confirms PlayStation 3 in Brazil by the end of June

EGW: "Sony, during event exhibiting their all new 3D technology, has confirmed that PlayStation 3 will officially arrive in Brazil by the end of the first semester (June 2010). The company already arrived in the country by building a factory at Zona Franca de Manaus. However, the branch worked with PlayStation 2 development until now.

There were no mentioning on prices or exact dates or even if PlayStation Network will get a brazilian version as well. It was only a statement made to show their BRAVIA TV sets working together with the console. Some installed consoles in the event were playing a few games in 3D resolution".

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Kratos Spartan3140d ago

Brazil hasn't tasted the sweetness yet? That sucks man. I didn't know. Damn. Sometimes it just slips your mind that there is a huge world out there that can't experience the same things as other people. No matter the reason. Wow.

N4BmpS3140d ago

This is big for Brazil since they just got the PS2 not so long ago so there getting the PS3 sooner than I even expected. Hopefully it won't cost them 1000 dollars

Zedux3140d ago (Edited 3140d ago )

Sony is starting production in Brazil so Brazil will be the 1st country in the world to play not made in China PS3s. Tax are too high in Brazil you get everything for free including health care and education but still I hope this will cost no more than U$300!
Buying a legal game cost you U$120 which is crazy!

Rafa3139d ago

No disagreement got no idea how tough it is to make a living out of brazilian gaming journalism because of our old politics. Taxes are prohibitive here, but we're doing our best.

Currently, there's an online petition aimed at one of our Deputies, in whose hands rests a law project for tax reduction on game industry. You can find out more on the link below:

Thanks for your concern, by the's hard to see gamers saying anything but mockery against us whenever it comes down to these subjects.

ATi_Elite3139d ago

That sucks that there are people in this world who have yet to play PS3. I demand a World Wide Gamers Bailout inititive!

I would love to get my hands on a Brazilian made PS3. Sony makes quality products but I'm just so tired of CHINESE made crap!

Rafa3139d ago

We always had PS3 since launch days, back in 2006. However, most people tend to go for Xbox 360 here because it is already pirated and government taxes drives gaming prices sky high.

Seriously - a standard PS3 model, in the US, cost as much as 300 bucks. Make it five, maybe six hundred if you think Collectors Edition of any sort.

What would you say if I told that a standard model, here in Brazil, cost as much as US$650,00 MINIMAL? A game like...let's see...Uncharted 2: Among Thieves can go up to US$ 120,00 - standalone edition, commom retail, not collector's edition or anything.

Think about that for a think it is fair?

MagicAccent3139d ago

Congrats Brazil, I guess^^

Dave13513139d ago

Danggit! I gotta playe with these retards online now!

jlar3137d ago

At least they still have carnival and some pretty hot girls! LOL