US retailer praises PS3 price drop

Best Buy has told that the company thinks the recently-announced price drop will increase interest in the PS3.

"We think the price move is great and will help drive increased interest, particularly in light of the dual functionality as a BluRay player," said Best Buy's Brian Lucas. "It becomes a viable, cost effective option for people interested in next generation DVD."

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nice_cuppa3876d ago

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iceice1233876d ago

Some amazing news coming in, it's like Sonydefenseforce took over N4g.

ASSASSYN 36o3876d ago

They should praise the drop. Im sure they are packed full of ps3 consoles.

Creepa at GameManx3876d ago


the worst3876d ago

nobody buying an xbox360 once u opening it up
time 2 send for repairs

Kokoro3876d ago

I seriously do not know how the mods have not banned people for saying to commit suicide. Remember there's a report button, and whether he is a fanboy or not, he should be banned.

XxZxX3876d ago

Kokoro, if one really want to commit suicide based on a N4G everyday flaming site's comment, I have nothing to say about the person.

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pwnsause3876d ago (Edited 3876d ago )

it sounds like best buy "Hearts" Blu-ray also, but I must comply with what assasin 36o said

ItsDubC3876d ago

No surprise here. More PS3s sold means more profit off of games and BluRay movies for BestBuy.

ITR3876d ago

Yeap, it helps their bottom end.

BB actually makes money on BD and HD sales, because the reg. DVD sales are a loss leader.
BB is lucky to make 2-3 bucks off of reg DVD sale, but they make twice that amount on BD and HD sales, if not more.

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