Crysis 2 Comparisons Are Just Alienating Gamers

It's a pretty common standard in the gaming industry that when announcing a new title, you must remind everyone else that your game will be the absolute best. Better then the competition at least, because why else would a developer bother making a game? While most developers generally highlight gameplay or level design, Crysis 2 is taking a bit of a different turn. It's a little unusual for FPS title to boast about anything other then multiplayer these days but Richard Morgan, popular sci-fi author and current writer for Crysis 2, has taken to launching a full assault against bad storytelling.

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Kyll2929d ago

I hope it's not all talk no show

StanLee2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

Finally someone calls them out for being full of sh*t! One person says one thing, this one says another.

marinelife92929d ago

Most people play shooters for Multiplayer.

Mr Pumblechook2929d ago

Turn 10 used this trick. They knew Gran Turismo was the biggest and best car series ever. They wanted the public to perceive their incoming Forza 3 game as being in the same league as GT, so they utilised a skilful PR campaign of comparing Forza more favourably to GT, and sometimes trashing GT in forums (NeoGaf). The effect was that (some) Xbox owners felt this new Forza game was a competitor of equal footing.

I know business is business, but I don't think developers should trash-talk a competitor unless their product is out on the market for the public to judge. I love Halo and I love Killzone's graphics, if Crysis 2 is better than them great! -But Crytek should wait until their game is on retail shelves.

HolyOrangeCows2929d ago

The Crytek team is starting to make itself look bad.

They go and down Uncharted 2 (one of the highest rating games of this gen), Killzone 2, and Halo 3. They claim to have the best graphics on the consoles, and then when console footage gets out, we learn that it is not even close to being the case.

All talk, no walk.

himdeel2929d ago (Edited 2929d ago )

...on PC. However until they have a product in the hands of the console gamers they just sound like a whiny baby on a crowded bus. You wish they'd just shut hell up...

Likewise the fact that people keep publishing every single comment they make about other games is just poor journalism. Any my problem with them is unless they develop C2 on PC, PS3, and 360 separately they're just wasting their time and breath with the comments. Especially since I KNOW they wont be maximizing this game for each platform.

solar2929d ago

everyone gets so butthurt nowadays. that's why we have the "PC movement" where they wanted to change "shortstop" in baseball to the "physically challenged stop".

Tony P2929d ago

It's not alienating me. If anything, I'm *more* interested to see if they're actually able to hit all these high points they say other games miss.

If they can, kudos. If they can't... maybe they should change the name to Crymoar.

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jammers2929d ago

The whole Halo story thing is fairly justified, I think. Sure there's gameplay, but the story is really generic sci-fi.

mephman2929d ago

Yea, but it's also rather hypocritical. Crysis' main character is hardly that recognisable outside his suit.

Selyah2929d ago

Interesting, soon see how it turns out.

Roper3162929d ago

Yeril and all the others at Crytek just need to shut the hell up, finish their game and let the game speak for itself. The more they keep flapping their gums the less I want their game. And while I like good or great graphics I am more into the actual game play and from what I heard and read of the 1st Crysis it was all show with no go and boring game play.

kwyjibo2929d ago

No one really gives a damn what they say, it's what they deliver.

And if these comparisons are really "alienating" you, then you probably need therapy.

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