PDP's LED-lit AfterGlow Controllers

IGN writes: If you're tired of the bland black, white, or grey hue of your console's controller, and you're looking for something more performance oriented, PDP's new line of AfterGlow controllers could be the alternative you've been waiting for.

The console's clear exterior is made of a polycarbonate plastic which houses colored circuit boards and LEDs. This adds up to a controller that literally glows. PDP has also slightly altered button layouts for a more comfortable experience. For example, the 'AW.1' Wii-mote features + and - buttons that are above the the A button, instead of below, making them easier to reach. Similarly, the 1 and 2 buttons sit on slightly different levels, for a layout more like the classic NES controller. The AW.2 nunchuck, meanwhile, has a retractable cord and a more grip-friendly body design.

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vhero3141d ago (Edited 3141d ago )

Would have bought a PS3 pad if it wasn't for the 360 layout as PS3 games are not made for that layout.. would make some games painful to play.. Its probably a mess up they made early in design and it was too late to change.

Redlogic3141d ago

I know this may be hard for you to understand, but I play most of my games on my ps3 (prefer my ps3) however, I love the 360 controller. To me this controller is right up my alley. Just cause you don't like it doesn't make the controller layout a given mistake... jeez. Different strokes for different folks buddy