Yahoo: Rumors of June 22 unveiling of fourth-gen iPhone

June has typically been the month when Apple has taken the lid off its latest, greatest iPhone, and if the rumors are true, this year will be no exception. But is June 22 really the big day? Also: If you've heard word of a supposed Verizon-enabled iPhone being tested in the U.S. recently, well ... don't get too excited just yet.

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tdogchristy903079d ago

I never was a big fan of phones/texting.....I'm 22 and still have my razor, it's 4 years old lol. This next iphone will be my next cell phone, so I'm excited to jump into the new phones.

Fishy Fingers3079d ago

Going from a razor to something like this will be great, I bet you dont put it down for days. Enjoy it bro, new tech is the best (until the new new tech).

darthv723079d ago

I didnt check this out but if the new OS 4 will be free to all those who purchased the OS 3 when it got released. I am not betting on it but it would be nice.

Fishy Fingers3079d ago

What, you paid for the OS updates? They're free.

ico923079d ago

i was thinking about getting an iphone 3G next month but after seeing this i'll just wait for the anouncement of the 4G

BRG90003079d ago

OS 3.0 was free on iphone. Ipod touch users had to buy it on itunes.

Blaze9293079d ago

the 4G iPhone better be damn impressive. HTC has just been making the iPhone look like a child's toy lately. Of course, knowing Apple - the 4G will STILL lack some of the most basic features. I hope I'm wrong because I'm still on the 2G and I want to finally upgrade to the new model this June.

Bonsai12143079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

tdog, i'm in the same exact boat as you. i'm 21 and still have my 4 year old razr.

and actually, htc's phones have been lacking, and they're in patent trouble with apple.

JustinSaneV23079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

It's not called the iPhone 4G. AT&T is no where near having 4G tech yet.

And it will be my first "smartphone" as well. Currently rocking an LG Rumor 1 (Sprint) with no data access.

BRG90003079d ago

4G refers to 4th generation iphone.

It is confusing though, because the 4th generation data network technology is referred to as 4G too.

AAACE53078d ago

I was really hoping for an iPhone for Verizon! But since I heard rumors about MS coming with a Windows 7 phone that you could play your Netflix movies on or play your XBL games on(Now believed to be the KIN), I am kinda split on my decision. If the iphone doesn't come, i'll get the KIN!

I made probably the worst mistake I have in choosing a cellphone when I got my Blackberry Curve last year! I have had a love hate relationship with it since I got it. 35% of the time I love it and what it does. 65% of the time I want to throw it against the wall. Worst part is, I can't upgrade until December.

If you want a phone that keeps you entertained.... Don't get a Blackberry!

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astar1234567893079d ago

thats what i did went from razor to the iphone 3g and cant wait for this phone

BRG90003079d ago

I did the same. Man did it blow my mind.

I will be up for a phone upgrade and contract renewal right around June this year. :D

DarkBlood3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

im thinking of getting an iphone not for the games obviously but for texting purposes n such since im hard of hearing, does anyone reccomend i get the one that is out now or this new phone unless theres not much difference?

Fishy Fingers3079d ago

Personally I'd wait. Worse case is you'll end up getting a 3GS cheaper when the 4G releases. Best case, the 4G will have significant upgrades over the 3GS and you wont be stuck with an "out dated" 3GS.

DarkBlood3079d ago

@Fishy Fingers

thanks i'll take your word on it

Fishy Fingers3079d ago

Well of course it's up to you, but I just know I'd be gutted if I bought one and then a new, better model released just after.

You just have to look at the 3G Vs 3GS, those with a 3G dont get half the features of the new operating system, because I assume it's slightly weaker tech.

DarkBlood3079d ago

alright i'll probably get the new one then im already bout to get loads of money soon so getting this wont be deemed as too expensive lol

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Supraman213079d ago

Motorola Droid, HTC Incredible, HTC Evo, Nexus One > iPhone
Android > iPhone OS

Mista T3079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

Yeah I have sprint and I have to say I'm glad they're getting a better phone finally. looking at the HTC evo, it's gonna be way better than the iphone.

android is great and all, but I had a feeling a phone like this would come from them.

JustinSaneV23079d ago (Edited 3079d ago )

J.D. Power & Associates and the majority of the consumer base out there disagrees:

Of course you are entitled your own personal opinion though.

Mista T3079d ago

that's 2009 though, the phone I'm speaking of hasn't come out yet.

user83971443079d ago

I'm happy with my Moto Droid and I'll wait for my Moto Droid 2 :)

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