6 Horribly Misguided Gaming Gadgets

Gamingbolt writes: "Some gaming gadget companies love designing new wacky peripherals to snap onto your console. Unfortunately, some of these attempts at deeper immersion, or more flexibility don't always come out the way they weer planned. In fact, some of them are downright dangerous, and it's all too possible to envision a old grandma taking a kick to the face, or your little brother getting punched out cold."

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Shade3603046d ago

I like the wii sabers... :(

Ziriux3046d ago

I lol'ed when I saw the sabers.

gameseveryday3046d ago

I am actually a bit optimistic why would u use a wii sabers. I mean u only play it once for a star wars game and just let it collect dust thereon! Waste of money, time and energy.

Ziriux3046d ago

I would play it all the time, when I felt like the geek in me.

GUCommander3046d ago

they were just such a stupid and terrible idea...

Ziriux3045d ago

Dont hate on Star Wars haters.

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Ziriux3046d ago

I don't know, I think the boxing gloves are actually cool.

mjolliffe3046d ago

Yeah I thought they're pretty good :) All we need now is a decent boxing Wii game.

Ziriux3045d ago

Fight Night Round 5 perhaps?

Cinotix3046d ago

Man, best way to get into shape get some boxing gloves on and beat the heck out of the Mii's.

Ziriux3046d ago

Yea, but i would feel stupid doing that.