Episodes From Liberty City: PC Beats All - PS3, Xbox 360 and PC Comparison

GTA 4: Episodes from Liberty City in comparison with PC, PS3 and Xbox 360. PC Games writes: "From top to bottom, the PC version, in the middle is the Playstation 3 and below the Xbox 360. The PC version was recorded in 1920 x 1080 pixels, the console versions in 1280 x 720. For better comparison, we have pulled up the console to 1920 x 1080 images, without blurring the images or otherwise manipulate."

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the-warriors3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

nothing new here PS3 cant handle GTA graphics loool
but PC version beats all
so Fools 3
enjoy playing beta version and 16 month old game lolololol

Pennywise3139d ago

laugh out out out out out loud. /idiot.

Hellsvacancy3139d ago

Well duh, i think we all new that the PC version would cum up trumps

Such a borin day, im even thinkin bout steppin outdoors

Denethor_II3139d ago

Speak for yourself I aint going nowhere.

Kratos Spartan3139d ago

agreed with Hellsvacancy, this is a no sh!t article.

Motion3139d ago

honestly, I have the PC version, beging overall a pc gamer. And GTA4 on pc looks terrible. There is no anti-aliasing, you can't even force it through your videocard. Its optimized like crap, a straight junk port. One of the few games I wish I had bought on the console instead. At the same time, I got it off steam for like $6, but still..It irritates me. You may be able to have some higher res textures on the pc, maybe a bit fancier lighting/shadows, but overall, and compared to other pc games, it looks like junk.

Dee_913139d ago

look like different brightness saturation and contrast settings not graphics

ProjectVulcan3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

Compared to other PC games then its not so hot. But compared to the console versions its ridiculously better. It makes the console versions look incredibly blurry and fuzzy the level of detail is greatly improved. Just look at the bike tyre tread on the first shot. You can even clearly read the tiny registration plate!

Pc also handles shadowing so much more beautifully, with headlights casting long shadows from objects and characters. TEH JAGZ arent great, but i would take them and a high resolution over vaseline vision

hay3138d ago

Actually I prefer the console's graininess over the PC clean visuals. It masks textures and models to some extent.

Ocelot5253138d ago

1 problem, this game is heavier than crysis on max settings

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Sonyslave33139d ago

But blueray o wait was it the the cell have fun with the inferior version droids

NYC_Gamer3139d ago

have fun with your non-exclusives bot....

weazel3139d ago

Thanks pal. I'll give it a whirl, and your kind leisure recommendation is appreciated.
Oh yeah, calling people "droids" just makes you sound like a seven year old, so you might want to rephrase your posts.

jizzyjones3139d ago


peeps3139d ago

pc deffo looks better. ps3 looks really bad in some shots tbh but this comparison is horrible. the images are either far to small or far to big to compare properly.

will wait for a lens of truth comparison to see if there are any issues with the ps3 version in terms of graphical bugs or framerate issues before buying else i might as well just pick up the 360 version for cheaper

christian hour3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

The google traslate kind of screwed up the links/buttons on the page, or at least it did in my browser (chrome) but you can view much larger versions of the pictures. just take off the translation, click Bild vergrössern and then when the image pops up click the arrows in the top right.

And as for which version to get, I'd say just get whichever console has the controller you're more comfortable with using. Gameplay/comfortability(even a word?)/ease of use > graphics/framerate(unless it drops below 25. cos thats all the human eye can see a second)

But if we're going into graphics...

PC was obviously going to be the victor in the graphics war between the three versions, and looking at the ps3 and 360 ones it would appear there are some textures not present on the 360 version that are on the ps3 and pc (tire threads on bike wheel.. although they look very cartoony)

peeps3139d ago

oh yeh, well i play my pc, ps3 and 360 in equal measures tbh. still undecided whether to get this at all yet but tbh it would be the perfect game when i'm bored 1 day with nothind to play. good thing about gta games is they're fun to play a long time after they release

christian hour3139d ago

Having played Lost and the Damned and the ballad of Gay Tony, I would definitely reccomend them. I think I enjoyed the characters and stories alot more than GTA4, even though the stories cross over alot with gta4's I felt there was alot more going on in the DLC than in the core game itself. Definitely pick it up if you felt like you didn't get enough out of gta4.

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