Games Xtreme: Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell: Conviction Review

GX writes: "It's been at least four years in the making, a game that has followed Batman: Arkham Asylum's example in terms of game mechanics and turned the stealth genre on its head, that's right, Splinter Cell: Conviction is almost here and we got our copy early for review, so I've been hammering at this game in order to give you the lowdown before its Friday release date."

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Jedward-3164d ago

Lol its been getting 7,s and 8,s across the board and randomly it gets 9.7 off these idiots they must be loving the goodie bags they got.

JeffGUNZ3164d ago

It's at 87 in metacritic. It's getting 8-9's, ease up fanboy, ease up. How is White Knight Chronicles and MAG doing? Oh wait. Yikes.

JOLLY13164d ago

I like that there isn't a single 7 on metacritic and this guys says they are all over the place...