Fatal Inertia E3 2007 Trailer

Welcome to the 22nd century, as a brave new world of combat racing is introduced to the masses.

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nice_cuppa3972d ago

1. i hope that is not the in game camera.

2. i hope the game gets allot faster than that.

3. they need to open the levels up.
( i want expansive levels and fast speeds not enclosed tunnel levels and slow speed )

Omegasyde3971d ago

Well they did use the unreal engine which isn't made for racing games(obviously). They should of made thier own engine. Graphics do seem a bit better, but that grappeling weapon that yanks others?

That weapon will piss off alot of people...

Then again KOEI has Yet to make a hit game.

MaximusPrime3972d ago

you never know what the review rating will be given for this game. i reckon it will be 6 / 10.

I'll get it anyway but will sell it at the same time when the "proper, master" of this futuristic racing, Wipeout comes out.

ASSASSYN 36o3972d ago

It is the same exact trailer from the ps3 version (thats now dead as roadkill).

BBsin3972d ago (Edited 3972d ago )

If you mean "dead as roadkill" as in delayed to 2008.... then yea i guess it's "dead as roadkill". And when i mean "fanboys are misinformed" i'm pretty much saying that you have a low IQ.

_insane_cobra3972d ago

Delayed indefinitely, actually, which is just a nicer way of saying it's canceled.


sorry the next wipeout will be better than this

mmike8553972d ago

I'm not sure what happened with this game's development, because it certainly showed more promise previously.. The in game camera reminds me more of Hydro Thunder, and the sense of speed doesn't seem to be there. Let's hope it shapes up before it ships out.

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The story is too old to be commented.