Demon's Souls Sells Triple What Atlus USA Expected

Atlus USA had a modest goal of 35,000 for Shin Megami Tensei: Persona. The remastered PSP game sold 49,000 units in North America. Good, but not quite Demon's Souls. Atlus planned to sell 75,000 copies of Demon's Souls in North America. The critically acclaimed game surpassed three times that number with 280,000 units in sales by the end of their second fiscal quarter, February 28, 2010.

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ifhd2896d ago

Only one trophy to platinum.

AntoineDcoolette2896d ago

Lol, my friend was one trophy away from platinum when his PS3 got a YLOD and he lost all of his Demon's Souls saves. Luckily for him it was one of the easier trophies.

TOO PAWNED2896d ago

Only one more proof that VGchartz is joke site
Atlus says 280k by end of February. I doubt it sold 280k more in March ahaha VGjoke

Montrealien2896d ago

Too Pawned. you are more then welcome to start your own site that does what VG chartz does.

/on topic

this is great news! This game deserves it, I hate it, but I know its a great game that has an audience and if it makes Atlus feel more confident in importing great Jrpgs to NA that good news for all who enjoy those kinds of games.

GrieverSoul2896d ago

Im glad to know this!
This game is amazing and it really exceeded my expections! Its really, really good.

jjohan352896d ago

I still haven't tried out Demon's Souls yet. So many PS3 games this year. I'm hoping it will support the PS Move.

SaiyanFury2896d ago

Demon's Souls is indeed awesome. Now if FROM Software can bring themselves to make a new King's Field, I'll be in Heaven!

Anon19742896d ago

At the beginning of 2010 they were short 3 million PS3's sold worldwide compared to official data. 3 million! There once was a time when Vgchartz would make adjustments when official data was available but not any more. Who knows what they're doing now.

Christopher2896d ago

The game deserved 1 million+ sales, IMHO. Haven't devoted as much time to it as I wanted... but damn what I have played is just freaking awesome.

Chubear2896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Regardless, it selling beyond (pun intended) what they expected means one thing - DEMON SOULS II

The day it's announced I will scream like a little school girl all through my neighborhood.

Orange2896d ago

Yeah, I stopped playing with 1 trophy left. I think it was pure moonstone? Whatever, it was killing me trying to farm that thing.

xTruthx2896d ago

It did extremely well considering it was a new IP + it was an RPG + No ads.

Miraak82 2896d ago

I need 2 more trophies till platnium ,,, bladestone and marrowstone:p

ShiNe-Box-2896d ago

The Triple only does triple expected sales :p

xabmol2896d ago

That's all I need for my platinum. I still pop DS in every now and again just to farm that evil red skelzor.

kwicksandz2896d ago

Still no PAL release.
F u sony

DaTruth2896d ago

But that pure Bladestone was impossible. I played that game from day 1 till FF13 release. Then GOW3 and just picked up JC2. Guess that's the end!

I never tried harder to Platinum a game and if it didn't happen in all that time... screw it!

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AntoineDcoolette2896d ago

And always a nice surprise to be proven wrong when you vastly under estimate projected sales.

Godmars2902896d ago

Still you're going to get cases like Square either supporting the 360 over the PS3, or just the 360. Trying to make the 360 a JRPG console with par and sub-par JRPGs.

Seferoth752896d ago

280k is a success? You must be new here? The Wiis niche titles are constantly bashed as complete failures for achieving 300k to 600k in sales and Wii games dont even need as many sales as HD games.

This game sold less than Madworld. Widely consider by Sony fans to be the proof games do not sale on Wii.

This game bombed hard

Godmars2902896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

Thought Madworld did 28K? Also this is US-only sales, not world sales in total.

If VGchartz is anything to go by, then DS outsold Mad 2-1. Marketing might have helped it sell better, but then how do you market a game like that?

garos822896d ago (Edited 2896d ago )

your a knob head. thats just NA sales.

now come on atlus and release this in eu! i really want it!

@below i think i read a few weeks ago here on N4G there was an rticle saying they were gonna release an eu version. not atlus but some other company. but either way i can still dream

ClownBelt2896d ago

Stop dreaming bro. Atlus don't have a European branch. The only two publishers who has a probability of releasing this to Europe are Sony themselves or Square Enix.

TOO PAWNED2896d ago


It sold 190k in Japan, i don't think that's a lot. But you are one of those Sony fans that like to use Japan as escape goat. When someone says it underperformed in USA and EU, you are BUT BUT BUT there is Japan without knowing numbers. Like i said escape goat

Redempteur2896d ago

demon souls is not a game for everyone

you were expecting a million , even atlus expected 75k ... you should be glad that the game sold so much ... everyone is happy but some people think every game had to sell 1million to be succes ... that's so far from the truth ..

thedisagreefairy2896d ago

disagrees for saying demon souls sold alot in japan.

all together thats about 500,000 sold

Godmars2902896d ago

Don't know how I can't use Japan as an "escape goat" in this instance when DS has still yet to be released in EU. Its wholly Sony's/Fromsoft's fault that it wasn't given a worldwide release, but how isn't it a credit to the game itself that its sold better than a title on another platform that was released to EU/US/JP market at the same time with a healthy does of advertising?

How does it not say that if the game had been given the same treatment it would have sold a million by now?

Gen0ne2896d ago

Ha. I thought the same thing.

Mahr2896d ago

"The only two publishers who has a probability of releasing this to Europe are Sony themselves or Square Enix"

And in a classic example of expectations vs. reality, the European release is being handled by Namco Bandai.

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ernsttco2896d ago

If Sony marketed their games. One of my favorites this generation.

Gago2896d ago

atlus realizes the game is commercial and critical success

but still will not release it in europe, which could potentially put it over 750,000 units

Bordel_19002896d ago

I agree, Demon's Souls is an excelent game, so sad Sony didn't release it Europe.

Finalfantasykid2896d ago

Didn't they say that they were working on one finally?

harv7112896d ago

I wish they would have a DLC for the broken archstone. Really I got hooked hard on this game, but getting the Pure Bladestone was a pain. But I did finally get my platinum :P

arakouftaian2896d ago

I'm glad is Sony IP I hope this games goes in hand of
Santa Monica,they could make this game 10 times better
no offence to The other developers I think is From Software
or I hope they use GOW3 engine for the next Demon Souls
that will make this game a easy GOTY I mean the gameplay already
is top quality.