PSX Extreme: Ghost Recon: Future Soldier Preview

PSX Extreme writes: "Ghost Recon has been a popular and critically acclaimed series for years, which is why every new effort is always met with high expectations. The only question avid followers often has is, "how will this one be different from the last?" Well, in a way, perhaps the most fitting question concerning Ghost Recon: Future Soldier is, "what isn't different?" Ever consider how powerful a human can become if we had the technology to make him invisible? This game will feature all sorts of cool stuff: cloaking devices that distort light, mechanical exoskeletons that essentially double the strength of the wearer, and "intelligent" assault rifles that actually adapt to tricky situations. It's a brave new world loaded with deadly possibilities and this third-person tactical shooter, set 15 years in the future, should provide gamers with a slick, high-tech presentation that brings us onto the ceaselessly entertaining – and ever-changing – battlefield."

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