Metal Gear Solid 4 a No Show at E3?

Today, Konami announced its E3 lineup, a solid collection of games featuring gun toting commandos and a magical water droplet. Conspicuous by its absence is Hideo Kojima's Metal Gear Solid 4: Guns of the Patriots.

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snoop_dizzle3997d ago

that really sucks if its true

Mr Bubbles3997d ago

other sources claim it will be there, and a handfull are saying they don't see it on the announcements they've received from Konami. My guess is that it will be there.

HaKeRsCanRotINHEL3997d ago

if true! Why not show what could be considered THE GAME of E3?

Loudninja3997d ago

And they will have a little conferance as well .It was already known that they WILL show a new trailer,

AngryTypingGuy3997d ago

This game is slowly becoming a myth. There's almost a mystique being built around this game.

Everyone keeps throwing around the word "masterpiece". I hope this game isn't a disappointment. Sometimes it can be very difficult to live up to this much hype. I won't get to play it unless it comes to the 360, but nevertheless, I hope it's as good as everyone is expecting it to be.

Crazyglues3997d ago

If MGS4 is a no show then the game is not coming out this year, and all is lost for a PS3 recovery this Christmas...

No MGS4 is all bad for PS3... I can't believe it won't be there, that would just be crazy.

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