Respawn Entertainment: We Want Respect

Jason West and Vince Zampella are in the driver's seat now, heading a new independent studio named Respawn Entertainment. A partnership forged with EA gives the men full control over all the games they create, something that was not possible while at Infinity Ward.

Things are looking good now, and according to Jason West, all they want is a little respect.

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spinbot_lv12743d ago

this explain many things.I love their games and their philosophy.I'm sure modern warfare 2 was rushed by kotick and the other activision heads.because the first modern warfare was perfect.this is the only reason why the game is full of glitches.

SpaceSquirrel2743d ago

I think EA already gave them a ton of respect.

movements2743d ago

Not just from EA, but I think Respawn is asking for respect on the behalf of other developers also.

This will definitely begin a trend where we see developers will own their IPs...

Instead of the big money-hungry publishers...

ExposingLames2743d ago

sounds good....Step 1 to getting respect.....actually break out of the most over done, ran into the ground genre ever created....the FPS

do something new or something the very least make a TPS, and i dont mean the quality like it was in MW2

FPS games are a dime a dozen, and a dev thats ambition doesnt leave its minute, overdone confort zone deserves none....sure you can respect valve for what they DID.....but now they are just sitting behind and bleh

movements2743d ago

The two men are not only asking for respect for themselves it would seem, but also for other devs in the industry who get treated like dirt by the publishers after they've help them build fortunes.

Also, there is a trend taking place.... More and more developers instead of publishers are owning their own work.

Sometimes bad things must happen in order for good to come.

movements2743d ago

The lack of dedicated serves on the PC version of MW2 wasn't the fault of West and Zampella or Infinity Ward for that matter; Activsion called all the shots..

And the ones they called were bad...Really bad.

erathaol2743d ago

Respect needs to be earned, and if you have it, don't lose it by becoming arrogant.

DarkTower8052743d ago

They ask for respect...yet they now climb in bed with EA!!! The only company out there that nickel and dimes it's customers more than Activision? Not such a great move imo.

lokiroo4202743d ago

Here we go, these guys are going to play the poor poor victim, "Ohh how activision held us back and hurt our dream for mw2, oooohhh the treated us so wrong." BS, like the higher ups at activision have any clue about developing games. These guys are going to churn out mw clone after clone.

xTruthx2743d ago

Above, I dont think they need to know anything about developing games. Activition is the one who gives them the $ to make the game, when they stop receiving it, it means the game should be done. IW is controlled by activition, they say when they game should be released even if IW doesn't want to.

-Alpha2743d ago

EA has taken a backseat lately. They wanted to charge for BC2 maps but DICE firmly made it clear to them that they wanted maps to be free for the community. EA listened.

If Respawn Entertainment wants respect they'll have to earn it. I blame Acti for MW2 but IW also. I don't know who screwed what but MW2 failed when it should have been a huge success. Somebody didn't deliver.

RE will get my respect when they push their new titles out. I support them by default, but respect has to be earned. I find nothing wrong with them going with EA, as long as they don't get pushed around like IW did.

Personally, I think Sony should have picked them up since Sony is by far the best guys to work with from what I've seen. Of course, they want to stay multiplatform so EA isn't too bad

lightningsax2743d ago (Edited 2743d ago )

Earning your respect? What? You can tell that these guys didn't read the actual article.

They're talking about respect from their supervising company, which is a perfectly okay thing to ask for, if a bit vague. Throwing the "respect" word out there is more about promoting intellectual property ownership rights across the industry. They're trying to imply to both big company CEO's and game creators that IP ownership rights in contracts are a matter of respect, all the while giving themselves a bit of bolstering since that's the crux of the lawsuit debacle. I don't think that's a bad thing, but it is what it is.

Do you guys honestly think they need to ask for respect from the fans that bought insane amounts of copies of their last game? I sure don't.

jjohan352743d ago

You're actually right. Activision offered I think $50 million to develop MW2, but Infinity Ward said they didn't need that much money and scaled down the budget. So I'm not entirely sure if Activision is PURELY at fault for all the bugs and glitches in MW2.

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meetajhu2743d ago

Ok we'll pay respect. A good multiplayer game with dedicated servers and low cost.

Redempteur2743d ago

without bugs and glitches too

-Mezzo-2743d ago

Well you immediately got that from me when you quit those (Greedy B*TARDS) Activision.

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