More Zen Pinball Has Us Practically Delighted, Excalibur Joins The Ranks

PushSquare: "Zen Studios has locked down an April 15th launch date for their latest Zen Pinball table. The Knights Of The Round Table themed pinball setting will cost just $2.49 when it hits the American Playstation Store this week, and will naturally include new trophies aswell as tons of interesting things to see and unlock."

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monkpunk13016d ago

Keep meaning to buy this, must remember next time i go on the store....

get2sammyb3015d ago

It's up now here in Europe. Presume it's coming today (if not already up) for the US.

ThatArtGuy3015d ago

They just keep pumping these things out don't they? Didn't the last one just come out a week or two ago?

ian723015d ago

Was waiting for this new table. Noticed I had trophies for it a few days ago, they must have come on with the last table I downloaded the other week.
Have now got this table (got them all) and its good. I like them all, its a good game to play.

macalatus3015d ago

My wishlist for future Zen Pinball table themes:

Killzone 2
Uncharted series
Star Wars