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Submitted by PrivateRyan 2132d ago | news

Crytek CEO: Console gamers 'don't respect development'

Cervat Yerli, CEO of Crytek, has told OXM that console gamers 'don't respect development'.

He explained that one of the major differences between PC gamers and console gamers is that "a PC gamer forgives you for about a minute" while "a console gamer gives you two seconds." (Crysis 2, PS3, Xbox 360)

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TOO PAWNED  +   2132d ago
These idiots are setting themselves for major failure. So much arrogance/ignorance has not been seen in long long time. It there anyone out there that they haven't offended or called out?
movements  +   2132d ago
Um, why are these guys talking so much? It's ridiculous..
mrv321  +   2132d ago
If they spend this much time developing as they do trash talking we may have a shooter which isn't completely shallow this time round.


See what I did? I trash talked without basis, maybe you SHOULDN'T try it next time.
blitz0623  +   2132d ago
He should change the word 'gamers' to fanboys.

@below: No, you're not kidding. You've already made quite a name for yourself by going anti PS3 since the day you joined.
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iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   2132d ago
Google Chrome says, "Aww Snap!" he is definitely talking about PS3 extremist....j/k!
Red_Orange_Juice  +   2132d ago
go make games
hay  +   2132d ago
Gaming company CEO and knows so little about gamers.
His description fits fanboys perfectly. But in the console communities there are people with brains too!

And here we are, gamers, pretty sure that Crytek tries to get themselves publicity using rather controversive comments about others.

In short. We know more about making games and PR than Crytek CEO about his target demography... Sad, sad.

@Red_Orange_Juice: Hahah, good one.
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kraze07  +   2132d ago
@ OP
I think you're taking these guys' comments way too seriously. He's basically just making a generalization which isn't true. People do this all the time.
Solidus187-SCMilk  +   2132d ago
what people dont like, regardles of where they play their games
is Developers, writers and everyone who is working on this particular project saying more negative things about anyone then they are talking about features of their game.

The only thing I know about this game is "graphics bla bla bla. Everyone sucks except us."

All this talk an it is still just a rental.
Simon_Brezhnev  +   2132d ago
He got to understand that if the game is a hit it will sale more on PS3/360 then on PC.
iFLOWLIKEWATER   2132d ago | Spam
Montrealien  +   2132d ago
and here we have people talking about them.

Marketing 101 flew right over your heads again eh guys?

solar  +   2132d ago
completely agree with him.

a majority of console gamers wont give a game a second look if "the graphics suck" to them. whereas PC gamers, we play games over and over from a decade ago like HL or Fallout for it's fun factor. hell thousands still play CS 1.6 til this day because of its fun factor.

PC gamers let a lot slide, like a game being released with tons of bugs (looking at you BC2) because we have faith DICE will fix things. it's either its crap or its great with a majority of console users, there is hardly a middle ground.
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AntoineDcoolette  +   2132d ago
I like these people
They're like the demon spawn off spring of David Jaffe and Keith Oberman lol
Darkstorn  +   2132d ago
I think his point is that console games are somewhat obligated to cater to a younger audience and need to be more reward-driven.

He shouldn't say that console gamers 'don't respect development,' but I don't think that's entirely untrue.
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enkeixpress  +   2132d ago
That is so not true!
I'm a console gamer & I respect development! ... But I must admit, I was born as a PC Gamer but now.. Well you now, I've moved onto better things?? I don't know.. It's sure alot of fun being able to game on different platforms! :D
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MAR-TYR-DOM  +   2132d ago
SERIOUSLY! i wanna punch who ever has the original interview. I also wanna punch all the people on N4G who have taken ONE INTERVIEW and made a story out of EVERY sentence. OMFG!
firelogic  +   2132d ago
I don't know why they're being so arrogant. Based on the last batch of screens released, Killzone 2 still looks better. At least at this point in development for Crysis.
blitz0623  +   2132d ago
"Anyway, I wish people would stop posting what this guy says because now we have to swim through the comment sections of f*cking pathetic cry babies."

So don't swim through the comments -_-. You talk about me defending a piece of plastic through a PM? I think you're the one just trying to defend yourself, loser.
RememberThe357  +   2132d ago
Please just shut the hell up a little bit. No one was thinking he was talking about PS3 fanboys other than yourself.

Anyways, it is not our job to understand or even care about how these guys make games. In fact it is their job to make sure we don't even think about it when we're playing.

We want to have an enjoyable experience. We don't want to play a crappy game because the developer gave their best. If the game isn't good I'm moving on. If devs don't like that they need to either get out of the business or make good games.
Consoldtobots  +   2132d ago
wow these guys sound majorly butthurt over Crysis not selling well and only being useful as a talking point for spec whores. How is that the fault of console gamers?
Raz  +   2132d ago
I sorta get what he's saying
But it could definitely have been phrased better. Bottom line: we only give a crap about development when we're singing the praises of a fantastic game...or ranking it out as an epic fail.

So what he was saying in relation to Crysis 2, is that they'd better get it right the first time; because second chances are slim to none in this business, whereas PC gaming is a bit more forgiving as an industry.

Too bad he came off sounding like he was slanging his customers.
iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   2132d ago
Did I not differentiate, a PS3 fan from a PS3 fanatic, enough? Ok, next time I'll just lump you all into the same category. On second thought, I'll just ignore anyone with more than 6 bubbles. Don't get mad because I'm pointing out the lameness of people getting upset of the words of this guy. And its not my fault you're so touchy. I'm a console gamer also, don't see me crying over this guys words do you? Actually, I'm even more interested in Crysis 2 now.

Well, thats debatable, but yeah, I should use a different word like...extremist.
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solar  +   2132d ago
Raz hit it right on the head.
Biggest  +   2132d ago
I don't feel he understands what he is saying. The one thing that shows respect in a consumer sense is consuming the product. If PC games aren't the most pirated games in existence then he might have a point somewhere. I feel that playing a game for years on end shows loyalty. I feel that paying for a produced product shows respect. Stealing something and being loyal to that stolen product isn't very respectful at all.
Morgue  +   2132d ago
Is OXM short for Oxymoron?
BigPenguin  +   2132d ago
Fan = Fanatic. Where do you think the word comes from.


You should get angry when DICE released BC2 with bugs. They used paying customers as beta testers. You should be furious that you had to pay for an unfinished product. It is not something to take pride in as a PC gamer. Also, your assertion that no one on consoles plays old games because of graphics is.... for lack of a better word, retarded. I am currently playing Digimon world having just refinished a run of FF8. On the handheld side I am currently on Oracle of Ages having finished Seasons about a week ago. I am not unique, everyone else does this, your comment was made with a complete lack of thought. Bubbles down(yes, I have the balls to actually say it when I do it. I don't hide.).
OmegaSlayer  +   2132d ago
Will someone shut those Crytek guys up?
They're really talking crap and way too much!
Christopher  +   2132d ago
And developers don't respect other developers, it seems. If you're going to give it, be prepared to receive it.
lil Titan  +   2132d ago
who here has played there game on the PC? if so are they right for talking there $hit? if so then let them continue to talk there $hit no reason to get made at someone who knows there $hit stink and is proud of it...right? but if not well everyone else has spoken on that
ABizzel1  +   2132d ago
All we have to say is that they better deliver when Crysis 2 comes out. There's no room for anything but perfection, because all the things they said are going to be thrown back in their face.

With that being said my bet is that Crysis 2 will be something special.
ryhanon  +   2132d ago
Ok. So Crytek spends the last two weeks dropping massive loads of crap on every major developer and franchise they can think of and yet somehow WE are the disrespectful ones?!

WTF? These guys are looney.
solar  +   2132d ago
@ BigPenguin
who said i wasn't angry? i was in the Beta and expected a lot of things that annoy me about the game to be addressed. they weren't and still aren't.

and the word "majority" doesn't mean "all", which is why i used "majority". i know there are console gamers that go back and play great games from the past. but imo a "majority" dont. hell i was called "retarded" from a console gamer on this site for playing any game earlier than 2005 because "the graphics suck" and seen many user's here state the same followed by "not interested".

why do you think we see all these graphic comparisons between multi plats? because for some reason a bad texture suddenly makes the game bad? and ill buy this version because it's visually superior? that's truly the dumbing down of society if your judgement on which version to buy is over negligible graphic comparisons.

and "On the handheld side I am currently on Oracle of Ages having finished Seasons about a week ago. I am not unique, everyone else does this, your comment was made with a complete lack of thought."

no sir, your comment was made with a complete lack of thought.
BattleAxe  +   2132d ago
I'm not sure what the arrogance is all about with Crytek. Crysis Wars was a terrible online experience, so I'm still not sure if these guys can come through with a good experience. I want to see if they can actually make some good controller configurations, because using the 360 controller to play Crysis and Crysis Warhead was a chore.
Inside_out  +   2132d ago much lower can they get...
Crytek seems to be in panic mode or something...This game sucks and that game sucks, our engine the best ever and now console gamers suck and/or are dumb and misinformed ALL in a week......these guys need a time out and a media blackout....
evrfighter  +   2132d ago
"wow these guys sound majorly butthurt over Crysis not selling well and only being useful as a talking point for spec whores"

might wanna recheck your facts. At launch Crysis did indeed do horrible. As the better hardware became cheaper and more mainstream (geforce 8800). It's well over 2 million more than likely over 3 million sold by now.
ico92  +   2132d ago
Crytek seem to be doing alot of talking, especialy seeing as we've seen so LITTLE of Crysis 2
DarkTower805  +   2132d ago
I think this CEO is realizing that now that they are going multi-plat they now have to actually come up with a good single player experience, and it's tough for them to do that lol. PC gamers let Crysis slide BIG TIME because of it's superior graphics, but console gamers won't do that. If the game isn't fun and engaging it WILL fail on the console, and I think that upsets Crytek a bit.

Yes, we all know you can make a pretty game with awesome physics, but sorry guys, that's not enough anymore. Day one rental.
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likedamaster  +   2132d ago
"a PC gamer forgives you for about a minute" while "a PS3 gamer gives you two seconds."

Gue1  +   2132d ago
and people say that they don't like sony because they are arrogant... Now I wonder what those people think about Crytek.
BigPenguin  +   2132d ago
"who said i wasn't angry? i was in the Beta and expected a lot of things that annoy me about the game to be addressed. they weren't and still aren't."

You atempted to use the example below to show the better attitude that PC gamers have over console gamers. You used it as a positive. How could it be a positive if you were just as angry as one of us "console fanboys" would have been? I am livid that console's are having DLC that is on the disk but you have to pay for, just like you should be livid that you have to purchase what amounts to a bug-filled crap-fest. You are not better then console gamers then, you just have different concerns and prioritys.

"PC gamers let a lot slide, like a game being released with tons of bugs (looking at you BC2) because we have faith DICE will fix things."


Secondly of course you did not say all. I understand that you said majority. Just as you should understand if I said the majority of southerners were inbred retarded rednecks, or majority of people in San Francisco were f@gs, it would still cause offense to those who were not. For you to argue differently...

As for your graphics argument, you are once again not looking at your own side of the equation. If graphics do not matter, why would you ever upgrade your video card if you did not have to to play at the bare minimum settings? Hypocrite? Once again, you are not better then a console gamer, you just have different concerns.

You are not better then anyone else just because you play on the PC, that is why I disagree with you. However you seemed to miss the point with your completely inane rebuttals.
MNicholas  +   2131d ago
He's right
but by whining about it he risks alienating his potential customers.

PC games are definitely more forgiving. THat's because most PC gamers spend a lot of time building their machines and constantly trying different games. Even playing a full game for the first time requires a huge time investment as the game has to fully install on the hard-drive.

Console gamers simply have to pop it in and start playing so they're not as invested. It's really that simple.
TROLL EATER  +   2131d ago
crytek can go bak to PC. and leave consoles alone wivout their BULLS***
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moegooner88  +   2132d ago
Stop quoting this guy in articles, enough is enough
RedDragan  +   2132d ago
This has been taken a LONG WAY out of context by yet more clever headlining to generate website hits.

What he said is this:

"It sucks or it fails and you're either the top or a flop. They don't respect any value you put into your development, either it works or it doesn't work."

He goes on to explain how this pressure has ultimately made Crysis 2 a better game."

Basically he is saying that by making the game for consoles his teams have had to up their game... is this really a bad thing.

And don't forget it is journo's going to crytek, not crytek going to journo's.
wicko  +   2132d ago
Yeah, and he's 100% correct too. Think about it, games like counterstrike or half life, or even crysis for that matter keep living on because of the community. The players in that community spread the word to friends, the game goes on sale on steam and people buy it up. It's not a huge boom in sales right from release, but a significant amount of sales over time. Modding and mapping keep the game alive for a much longer time than any console game. And when there are exceptions to that (ie Halo 2), eventually support is cut. With dedicated servers and modding communities, the games last as long as the players want it to.
chazjamie  +   2132d ago
what a loser
does the guy know how much we have to spend on your 6-10 hour games when pc gamers dont even pay half that amount.

yes they use there cash on upgrades, but if you going to expect to accept a crap game at full price, u must be insane.

Raf1k1  +   2132d ago
lol this is the first thing he's said that I can agree with.

edit: If a game isn't very good console gamers will switch off almost immediately whereas PC gamers would continue to play to see if it improves. This is obviously a generalisation and not true for all console and PC gamers.
#3 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(4) | Report | Reply
moegooner88  +   2132d ago
Could be why many people hated FFXIII
#3.1 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(4) | Disagree(0) | Report | Reply
GenoZStriker  +   2132d ago
LOL sorry but...
PC gamers are the worst when it comes to not respecting developers when they do not get what they want. I know because I am part of multiple PC gaming communities. They resort to promoting hacks, pirating and looking for ways to sabotage either the companies games/web servers, forums or anything else till the point where the company just gives up on the game. That's why many companies are now resorting to console games. This guy is seriously just pulling sh1t out of his @ss. LOL did the PC gamers respect them when Crisis was one of the most pirated games in 2008? and with such high PC requirements, bad sales there was no online community for it.
#4 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(8) | Disagree(7) | Report | Reply
-MD-  +   2132d ago
Crytek is already super annoying, to the point of me not wanting to support them.
nycredude  +   2132d ago
Seriously I stated before in the previous shiat talking article from Crytek that if I see another article with them shiat talking then they lost a buyer. Well it didn't take long. Used copy from gamestop here I come, and only if this game is good. Otherwise I pass.

Seriously wtf man. Just shut up and finish the game. I bet after all this talk it will still just be another ho hum shooter.
Pennywise  +   2132d ago
I support this comment.
Fishy Fingers  +   2132d ago
Then dont, leave the game on the shelf, leave the threads. The only thing more annoying than Cryteks so called arrogance, is the constant moaning.

Especially when 99% of the time these quotes are taken out of context and then shot down by people who dont even bother to read the complete articles/interviews. And through this your proving his point and you dont even realise.
#5.3 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(6) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
ArcFatalix  +   2132d ago
I agree final fantasy they worked so hard.
but ppl were quick to call it flop. even though it has a good score in metacritic.
johnyv1981  +   2132d ago
Reviewers Have No Respect Either
reviewers look for reasons to trash games and always seem to forget the time and hard work needed to make some of these games. for many studios a game that receives bad reviews can destroy them. quite frankly the internet feeds the unhappy nerds who trash every game no matter how fun the game might be, with that being said it seems as if nobody is ever happy or ever likes anything.
silvacrest  +   2132d ago
yeah well, console gaming is where the money is at right?

so cater to the target market or GTFO
oliveira311  +   2132d ago
I am a console gamer
so Crytek, keep talking trash and I will take my business elsewhere. Dumbasses.
lavitz  +   2132d ago
Didn't read the story did you?
bjornbear  +   2132d ago
*looks at all the petitions of angry PC gamers boycotting games*
oh...really =P
CaliGamer  +   2132d ago
These fools are doing so much trash talking yet have not shown proper footage to support half their claims about this game.

Console gamers by and large might be harsher than those on PC, but it could be because they value their money and demand quality. Talking trash like this will only make people judge them more harshly once the final product is released.

Unless they are looking to all of this to justify their failure if the game doesn't do well. I can see it now, "our product was solid but the blind hate from console gamers did us in."

As I said before, sometimes it is wise to STFU and let the product speak for itself.
Darkstorn  +   2132d ago
Please read the article before posting next time.
CaliGamer  +   2132d ago
You say read the article yet give no reason why I am wrong or what I misunderstood.
Nerdy internet jerks are so funny, can't take charge in real life so you try to be tough guys over the internet. Whatever floats your boat guy, lol.
Corrwin  +   2132d ago
He's not lying...
But probably listening too much to the more vocal retarded 12 year olds that can't gauge a game more finely than GOTY or Worst Game Ever!

Sadly, it's this demographic publishers usually listen to (often because it's what their own 12 year old told them before leaving for work - I sh!t you not! It's happened before).
Elwenil  +   2132d ago
As much as I don't want to...
...I sort of have to agree with this guy this time. PC gamers are a bit more patient, while console gamers tend to be a lot more critical of just about everything. I don't know if it's this all the fanboys this gen, the utter rash of reviews and "articles" out on the Internet these days or maybe just that console gamers are a bit spoiled. PC gamers tend to have a "can do" attitude towards game fixes and so on. Maybe it's because of the issues many experience tweaking their system to run different games or maybe the modding community. Console gamers expect everything to be perfect right out of the box. There is perhaps reason behind this since, in my opinion anyway, old console games didn't have as many bugs and problems as the current generation seems to have. The ability to patch games after release seems to have lowered the quality standard for a newly released game. Another thing to consider is that in the past console gamers have generally paid higher prices for the same game than what PC gamers usually do. So console gamers may be justified in their stubbornness, which I would not consider disrespect to a developer in my opinion, but it does seem to exist. Perhaps if developers took the time to polish games before release, stop raping us for every little dime for DLC and stopped making asinine comments to the "media" then maybe gamers would respect them more.
Imalwaysright  +   2132d ago
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spinbot_lv1  +   2132d ago
Cevat please let talk your games, not your mouth. remember,now you have to prove that you can do what uncharted 2 has already done.I highly doubt it.
#14 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
L-Teezy  +   2132d ago
whats this d!ckhead doing making the game for consoles, if he's gonna sh!t-talk console gamers? ive heard enough from this a$$hole from the last 2 articles to the point where im not buying sh!t from this guy.
avengers1978  +   2131d ago
I'll say it again crytek better watch out, or there game will end up being a huge flop.
BTW I respect devs and everything they go through, but if they don't want to hear harsh critics then, stop putting out so much early release images, and only show it off when it's done. They'd miss out on the hype building that generally sells the game, but then they wouldn't have to deal with people.
OneShotThrill  +   2132d ago
Looks back at the L4D2 and MW2. Console gamers bought that sh*t up like crazy.You know why many Pc gamers might give the game a chance if theres some issues. Because many of them got the freaking game for free. You cant be too letdown about a game you just pirated for nothing.
jizzyjones  +   2132d ago
Is there anything these guys don't criticise besides there beloved PC market? Any1 wud think Crysis was the most perfect game ever or summat (i jus thought it was a tech demo for PC gaming myself)
mushroomwig  +   2132d ago
Well done Crytek, first you insult games such as Killzone 2 and Halo and now you're insulting Console gamers.

I doubt I'll end up buying Crysis 2 now.
iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   2132d ago
Seriously? Take a chill pill, because the effects of you, like a handful of other folks here that are now not going to get the game, will bog down the comment sections about how you're going to boycott the game. And look down your nose at other people who do buy it. Damn, people need to get a life...
mushroomwig  +   2132d ago
'Damn, people need to get a life...'

What does that have to do with anything? Just because I've decided to no longer buy the game I apparently need a life?

Try not to defend them so much, it's not like you work for their company.
Pennywise  +   2132d ago
Iflowlikewater... I have reported every single one of your disrespectful comments. Your attitude SUCKS.

If you dont like us... GET OFF OF OUR SITE.
iFLOWLIKEWATER  +   2132d ago
Pennywise, you're no one important. Say hello to my ignore list!
Pennywise  +   2132d ago
My feelings are hurt. iflowlikewater is on a gaming site telling all the gamers to "get a life" and now he ignored me... This is such a sad day for me. How will I recover from a PS3 and gamer hating avatar ignoring me...

Better get on your other accounts and ignore me too.
kraze07  +   2132d ago
Another article, another flood of comments from people taking this guy's comment out of context, another hour on N4G I guess. It's pretty clear who didn't bother reading the story.
gypsygib  +   2132d ago
F these guys, they only thing they respect is profit. We respect developers as much as they respect us - very little. you give us good games, we give you money. Then you give us paid DLC to leech more money from us when it should have been on the disk in the first place. The only company I feel cares about gamers is Guerilla.
ginganinja  +   2132d ago
guy makes comment in middle of interview, which is pulled out and made into a small story, posted on here and in no time at all the comments section is full of;
'well i'm not buying his game, dumbass'
'he should shut up and make games'
'blah blah blah'

You know, you are actually PROVING HIS POINT!
lavitz  +   2132d ago
+Bubs for speaking the truth.
mushroomwig  +   2132d ago
How am I proving his point by deciding not to buy the game? Nobody asked him to disrespect the very people he's trying to sell his product to.
spektical  +   2132d ago
your logic makes no sense.

If a developer/publisher wants to stay "good" they will not make any references to severely divide the community there are trying to sell there product to.

If they decide to go against that, the community has the right to bash that same developer/publisher.

and i dont get how were proving his point.
thehitman  +   2132d ago
did u read the article?? If you did he said nothing offensive at all. All he said is that if a console game has its flaws ppl wont even touch it or give it a 2nd look but if a PC game has flaws people will let it slide more. He is right ppl fight over reviews more than ever now "Its an 8 no its a 9 " "shyt i wont get an 8".
#21.4 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(5) | Disagree(1) | Report | Reply
lavitz  +   2132d ago
I don't think these guys read the article. If they did they sure as hell can't read english seeing as how they don't understand what he said.
Montrealien  +   2132d ago
You are proving his point by actually talking about him, and his game. gj!
Pennywise  +   2132d ago
This is like the 5th article this is being done. Crytek needs to stop giving interviews :P
Montrealien  +   2132d ago
they would be stupid not to keep on giving interviews. Good or bad, as long as we keep talking about them. Now people will be waiting on this game to either blast it, or praise it. Win win.
BYE  +   2132d ago
Usually people who make these stupid comments weren't going to buy this game anyway, so who cares.

Edit: Go ahead and disagree, but if you really let your opinion about something change just by statements surrounding it, you're an idiot who probably falls for lame advertisement and cheap election campaigns, too.
#21.9 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(1) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
bjornbear  +   2132d ago
i totally agree
i don't fully agree with his statement, but i don't mind! let him think that, doesn't mean the game isn't going to be good!

people are butt hurt because they think he's insulting them, and then don't want to buy the game, i say tough luck

im still as interested in crysis as i was before these comments, i may not agree with them, but I've seen way worst
spektical  +   2132d ago
well, consider this console player that doesn't "respect game development" one less customer.

seriously these guys are setting themselves up for epic failure, the only people that will buy this game are people that go online and look up game news. The casual-hardcore market is going to pass on this. So they are shooting themselves in the foot by posting ludicrous statements and no one except PC gamers will be supporting them.
Rowsdower  +   2132d ago
dont put down gamers
we are a sensitive bunch
spektical  +   2132d ago
6 - I agree final fantasy they worked so hard.
but ppl were quick to call it flop. even though it has a good score in metacritic.

i have tons of friends who are in love with FF, and they even say that 13 was a snooze fest until 10 hours in. What kind of game has a long boring prologue to get the story going. Someone messed up on the narrative aspect of the game. No game should take longer than 3-5 hrs to get going, especially an (J)RPG.

edit* i realize some people like long narratives to get the story going, so i guess those people enjoyed this.
#24 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(0) | Disagree(2) | Report | Reply
cobraagent  +   2132d ago
What do you mean by prologue? The only part i found a little boring were the first 2 chapters that lasted for less than 2 hours
thehitman  +   2132d ago
cut the hate on Crytek all of these articles are being pulled out of interviews, most from the same 1 just using the comments and taking them out of context to generate hits. I agree with what this guy said and his comment was not directed at US(GAMERS) it was directed to his developers to step their game up. If anything that comment actually makes me think about picking up Crysis more because I know they wont just be blowing smoke w/ the console version.
OneShotThrill  +   2132d ago
Well we all know this is N4G. Not much common sense here. Ill just let the game do the talking. I could care less what developer talks crap about X game or Y game, as long as that developer's game kicks ass Im cool and Ill purchase it.
remanutd55  +   2132d ago
well thats it , i have had it , i dont care how good the game is i dont like their attitude and they wont see any $ from me , give me Resistance 3 instead
Gamer_89  +   2132d ago
the dog keep on barking but cant bite
but shut up already dahm so much crap comes from his mouth he need to wash it with soap
lavitz  +   2132d ago
Another one that didn't read the story. I can do this all day people. Wait no I can't, I'm almost out of bubbles.
spektical  +   2132d ago
how do you know he didnt read the article? People will take something that sounds bad, and say it is bad.

The quote seems like Crytek is crying that the console market doesnt appreciate the time they put into a game, because if a game starts of bad they will drop it.

Well if Crytek sees this problem, keep your mouth shut, and do your best so your product doesn't fall under those circumstances instead of expressing an opinion that is really subjective and can get you lots of hate.
#28.2 (Edited 2132d ago ) | Agree(2) | Disagree(6) | Report | Reply
abmac713  +   2132d ago
These guys are much too vocal :/. Everyday it's something. As a console gamer who does respect the game development process, I feel somewhat insulted. This comment is unnecessary; cut it down to "most" or "some" console gamers if you wish, but there are many gamers out there (both console and PC gamers) who recognize the labor and hardships game developers have to pull through to emerge with an adequate product. I'm sure it was just a generalization (it happens all the time), but it would have been better to not have said anything at all. If Crytek initially thought that console gamers had little respect for game developers, then after this comment, Crytek is bound to receive much less respect from them prior to the release of the game. I guess it's PR talk, but these guys need to show a tad more respect for their audience. There's one thing I appreciate, more than anything, with respect to studios like Naughty Dog: they're humble. Not much to say and they come out with an unexpected bang. I'm sure Crysis 2 will deliver, and with that in mind, just let the game speak for itself.
KillerPwned  +   2132d ago
Hmmm this article is going to get hot hehehe. I can`t wait to see the other comments roll in.
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