JeuxActu: Splinter Cell Conviction Review

JeuxActu: Far from being discouraged by the uncertainties of a chaotic production, Ubisoft has worked to take Sam Fisher in other directions, to disrupt patterns of infiltration in place since 2002. Very inspired by the Bourne trilogy and series 24 Heures Chrono, beautifully made and worn by a soundtrack beautifully made (Amon Tobin and DJ Shadow are, all too briefly) Splinter Cell: Conviction is beautiful and the episode the most brutal and most of the film saga. The campaign unfortunately does not enjoy this change of pace and do only the minimum values of gameplay innovations. Though not catastrophic, it does not fully honor the King of infiltration, which is found embedded in a very brief and very sorry saga dripping with love and betrayal. Six hours later and after some very beautiful sequences and missed a few levels, Fisher completed the improbable journey that will not remain in the annals of the game solo. The adventure is not over, however. For multi hand this fifth episode has everything to score with a hot iron Live users (or owners of friends and big screens). The alternative co-op campaign, built around huge maps beautifully constructed, and the three modes offered by community purely because everything that was expected from the episode: a real rate, real challenges, real freedom from pure action and stealth twist...

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