These 20 games have been disregarded by mistake

There are a lot of brilliant games that didn't sell well. By mistake, Videogameszone thinks. There are at least 20 games like Brütal Legend, XIII or Conker's Bad Fur Day that did not deserve such low sales.

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Venox20083167d ago

I agree with all except Star wars and Guitar Hero :)

Seferoth753167d ago

Since the article is just for Germany the title is bit misleading. A good portion of those games received very good sales elsewhere.

BlackIceJoe3165d ago

I agree with Beyond good and Evil & Jet Force Gemini. But many of the other ones sold great. There is a lot of games not listed that should be. That being said I hope Rare makes a new Jet force Gemini and I hope Unisoft shows the Beyond Good and Evil 2 game soon.