Building a StarCraft bot that plays like a pro

PhD students at UC Santa Cruz are working on building an artificial intelligence designed to take on the very best StarCraft players in the world. Here they explain how they're doing it, and the challenges that lie ahead for them.

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Montrealien3138d ago

I like this idea, a big blue for Starcraft!

LoVeRSaMa3138d ago

They will spend all that time making the thing, and it will just get blocked in like the first week :P

BannedForNineYears3138d ago

Artificial intelligence >> Creators of the artificial intelligence. O.o
Computers are gonna take over dah world. OMG.

Fanb0y3138d ago

Not even AI from the future can beat those crazy Koreans.

When I was living in Korea, I regularly got raped on that game by my friends there. Their playstyles were quick, efficient... almost mechanical!

cpuchess3138d ago

Won't be easy but I hope they can. It would be cool if everyone could try it too.