Konami's E3 Line up

Konami's E3 Line up. Strangely, no Metal Gear Solid 4 included. Perhaps because they're showing the new trailer at the Sony Keynote?

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Blankman3910d ago

i thought mgs4 was a sure thing and wat happend to silent hill 5. If it is true that its gonna make it maybe it is the exclusive that jumped since they wouldnt want to list the systems it was coming out for to make it a suprise. Same could actually be said for mgs4 actually...

snoop_dizzle3910d ago

they aren't showing MGS4 at E3? Am i misunderstanding anything?

ps3gogetitt3910d ago

I remember another game doing the same thing and guess what we heard an anouncement about it not being exclusive anymore......I wonder or is it just a mistake i mean it's their biggest game afterall.....

WOW not good for ps3 fanboys not good at all, but for a gamer like myself make it happen I LOVE Competition....

snoop_dizzle3910d ago (Edited 3910d ago )

if thats true and i Highly doubt it will happen, i bet peter moore will have it tattooed on his arm like with GTA4.

Tsukasah3910d ago

What game are you talking about?

Odion3910d ago

Petermoore has to have a tatoo every year now he start this and now its forever

Firewire3910d ago

Konami stated last week only a new trailer will be shown, and some anniversary trailer as well.

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The story is too old to be commented.