Joypad Turns iPhone into Game Controller

Wired: Joypad is an iPhone app that does one very simple thing: It turns the iPhone into a touch-controlled gaming joypad, with a D-pad, A and B buttons, plus select and start.

Joypad connects to your Mac (we realize the irony of being Mac-only when all the good games are on the PC) via Wi-Fi, either over a proper network or a direct ad-hoc connection. You'll need the free helper app running on the Mac to talk to your Joypad, but otherwise, that's it: a $2 game-controller.

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D4RkNIKON3141d ago

This is by far the WORST game controller option. I HATE using my ipod touch for gaming unless the controls use flicks and tilt because physical buttons are needed for most games and it is just not comfortable on the idevices. You can't feel where the buttons are so it is hard to control and the buttons cover parts of the screen where you need to see to play. This is why I hope the PSP2 has physical buttons and touch screen.. and 2 analog sticks :)