ARS First look: Crysis 2 comes to consoles, destroys NYC

ARS: All of the Crysis 2 footage we saw during the event, including the live hands-off gameplay demonstration, was running on Xbox 360.

Even with an eye attuned to the marvels of high-powered PC gaming, seeing it up and running on a console and looking as sexy as it did was impressive. Since 2007, when first game made its debut, Yerli dreamed of bringing Crysis' emergent, sandbox-style experience fueled by the diverse abilities of the Nanosuit to the console market.

Crytek has spent years working to build the technology capable of making that happen. The result, CryEngine3, makes it possible and also brings a lot of new razzle-dazzle to the table.

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Wotbot3167d ago

games looks the part, lets hope it plays the part.

The 360 just keeps on impressing me year after year, just when you thought you had seen it all, another great looking game comes along.

Hotel_Moscow3167d ago

wth does this have to do with 360

Wotbot3166d ago

read the article, right?????