Soul Calibur IV: Exclusive First Look, New Screens (Video coming soon)

It's the latest episode in Namco's super-popular Soul Calibur series, and the first one on the PS3/360 hardware generation. The one-on-one 3D weapons-based fighting action that has always been the distinguishing characteristic of the series remains unchanged.

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Violater4002d ago

Soul Calibur - Rumble = Suckage

MK_Red4002d ago

Soul Calibur is my favorite fighting series after Mortal Kombat and SC4 is shaping up to be the hottes and the best SC game ever. CAN'T wait!

MyNutsYourChin4002d ago

This game is going to rock, roll, and kick the sensitivity out of the fingers of the button-smashing gamers. I'm also interested in playing the SC action/adventure game for the Wii. That looks promising as well.

PS360WII4002d ago

dang that's looking good ^^ I'll be playing this on day one... eventually....

MK_Red4002d ago

I cant wait to see the game in motion. 1UP posted that the video will be available shortly after preview but nothing so far.

ShiftyLookingCow4002d ago

ewww one of the female characters' b**bs looks like someones rearend, I guess they got the proportions wrong but otherwise the screenshots looks good

nice_cuppa4002d ago

so the Sony fans can suddenly change their minds and hate on this game.

i never really liked it anyway !!!
tekken is better than this !!!

woooooooooooooooooooooooooooo !

okcomputer4002d ago

Can there just for ONCE be a thread without these bed wetting sony or 360 fanboys waging their never ending flame fest? The fanboy crap is funny every once in a while but it seriously gets old sometimes. Can't you just focus on the GAMES for once???

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