Analysis: Heavy Rain's Storytelling Gaps [Spoilers]

Writer and designer Emily Short looks at where Quantic Dream's PlayStation 3 exclusive Heavy Rain's story and characters just don't measure up -- with significant story spoilers included as part of the analysis.

Emily Short: Plenty has already been written about Heavy Rain's defects as a game: the tiresomeness of the Quick Time Events, the fact that characters often walk back and forth in front of their own refrigerators in confusion, the inconsistent controls. All too often I felt like I was handling a character with a degenerative nerve disorder, nobly struggling with the quotidian trials of brushing teeth and drinking orange juice.

Personally, though, I would have been happy to forgive Heavy Rain its defects as a game in deference to its strengths as story and interactive movie. The movie aspect does work brilliantly. The cinematic aspects are beautiful, the split screen moments much more effective than I would ever have expected, the graphics superb.

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Zanzu3141d ago

Pretty weak analysis. Your problem with the electric grid is easily solved, take the cowards way out, or NOT restart the game like the developer told you.
Madison Paige was the weakest character in my mind, she was overly sexual and her relationship with Ethan did not feel real (but perhaps it was because she was a journalist and wanted the story at first then fell in love).
The reveal of the origami killer was not a betrayal. For me it was the most memorable part of the game aside from frantic QTE and helped me forgive some of the plot holes in the game.
Basically it seemed that you had some work on the project and wanted character development in terms of a novel and not a video game. But this game succeeds in great pacing, decent but good enough character development and re-playability to see not which choices you make, but how other people could have played the game.