Star Trek Online Console Cancellation Explained

Star Trek Online's Craig Zinkievich has spoken to IncGamers about the decision to drop the console version of the game.

He describes the reasoning, but doesn't rule out future console titles from Cryptic.

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Maticus3139d ago

Shame for those hoping to see it on consoles, but there's not too many console MMO fans out there anyway is there?

Leord3139d ago

What about all Final Fantasy MMO fans?

I think there's market here.

Christopher3139d ago (Edited 3139d ago )

They're really not making enough profit to move forward with their cross-platform ports for STO or Champions. It's not that they don't want to do it, they just can't afford to spend the money on that when they have to keep their dev teams focused on adding new content and features to ramp up subscribers on their two games.

It's also smart to wait and see how SOE does on the console market befor they leap headfirst into it. SE will likely do very well in Japan just because it's FFXIV, but SOE will, just like the PC MMO market, be a true litmus test on taking a wide market spread MMO to the consoles. If SOE does well enough on consoles, you can bet that BioWare and ActiBlizz will follow-up with their own console-based MMOs, likely ports of their current MMOs (WoW, SWtOR).

Elly3139d ago

Nor me. I was surprised to hear they werew considering the console market as it's risky for an MMO.

Dorjan3139d ago

I think it is just because they're not doing so well at all on the PC let alone trying to support 4 other ports :lol:

Maticus3139d ago

If the new MMO is NWN, it's unlikely to be on consoles. The original game wasn't.

Malfurion3139d ago

Totally forgot they were meant to be working on that... I hope they do a good job, that game deserves it.

syrinx3139d ago

Yeh no huge surprise this was canned. Everyone seems to be shying away from the idea of console mmos.

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