Ubisoft To Bring War World To Xbox Live Arcade

Publisher Ubisoft has announced that it will bring developer Third Wave's previously PC-only third-person mech battler War World to Xbox Live Arcade this summer, with its full 100-level single player campaign as well as Xbox Live multiplayer.

Ubisoft To Bring War World To Xbox Live Arcade

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romaink3907d ago

so why is this being reported?
this is great news!

Dlacy13g3907d ago

All 4 of you who reported this are [email protected] @sses! Seriously this is hardly old, spam or lame. Its a legit E3 announcement. You may not like it, you may hate the 360 but get over it already!

Originally was canned for coming to Xbox Live Arcade...that is BIG news if you ask me. It show MS moving away from the small memory size and allowing for larger games on Live.

Old...spam...lame...GIMMIE A BREAK! I hate people who just hate for no good reason.

Dlacy13g3907d ago

all you do is post to hate. You have no real opinion, you add nothing of relevance to the articles submitted. Please go back to picking your zits and dealing with puberty as it's obviously just around the corner for you.

JokesOnYou3907d ago

sony kids are the worst, its ok to hate the 360 but to go as far as to report legitimate news is just the sort of thing sony kids do, they lie and they make up sh!t just 'cause their jealous of the 360. if you don't care about this news then why are you here? sony kids=


ThisIsWaiting3907d ago

this is like MA for the original XBox ... loved that game.

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