IGN: Monster Hunter Tri Review

This version of the game can be played with minimal camera control frustration provided you're using a Classic Controller or Pro version, and is the prettiest entry in the franchise released outside of Japan. For those who prefer games that reward skill and offer huge amount of options for varied play style, character customization, and a vast amount of content, look no further. This is the best Monster Hunter yet, and even if there's still a lot that's familiar for franchise fans, it remains a totally unique and engrossing action-RPG experience.

Presentation - 8.0
Graphics - 9.0
Sound - 8.0
Gameplay - 8.5
Lasting Appeal - 9.5

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Myst3171d ago

Score difference in the IGN (US) Versus the IGN (UK), Anyway Monster Hunter in 6 days, it just seems so darn far away :(. Still can't wait to break in that classic controller pro. With that in my hands not even the Rathalos will be able to stop me >:D.

FinalomegaS3171d ago

the guy that reviewed the UK version must of used the pro controller and the US staff must of used the wiimote LOL( gameplay scores are different)

lil Titan3170d ago

I see no reason Monster Hunter cant return home to PS now, this will make me make me buy the PS Move if launched with Move

skare133170d ago

why would this be a reason to get a PS move?
You don't play with motion controls

ThanatosDMC3169d ago

Wow, a MH review that's not 6-7... wow... they actually played the game this time.

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FinalomegaS3171d ago

He's said nothing but positive feedback except for loading... but he gave lower scores...


Myst3171d ago

If the demo's loading is close to the retail version then it should be fine, honestly it felt like 2~3 (maybe 4 seconds) of loading. So I don't know if it's that valid it feels like a game that has been installed on a HDD of one of the other current gen systems.

Judging by the armor it looks like he got pretty far, I'm guessing there must be some monster that gave him hell :p!

Kingdom Come3171d ago

This is a travesty...
Monster Hunter Tri Graphics: 9.0
Splinter Cell Conviction Graphics: 8.5
I mean, I have no doubt that the gameplay for Monster Hunter Tri is fun, but the Graphics are disgusting, how the hell can they claim that it is better.

FinalomegaS3171d ago

I think the wii game is compared vs other HQ wii games,

and SP:C is compared to other 360 games or HD games, no?

Smacktard3171d ago

Because games are rated relevant to the console they're on, not compared to every other console, goddamn, that is just stupid logic.

ElementX3171d ago

Tri is on Wii, it's compared with other Wii games.
Convication is on 360 and those graphics are compared with other 360 games. Common sense.

Kingdom Come3171d ago (Edited 3171d ago )

Actually on several occasions, games are compared to other consoles graphical capabilities... I don't mean to say the game is bad, its just I have read so many reviews by ign that are like this.
Also, Monster Hunter Tri got the same graphical rating as Resident Evil Darkside Chronicles in which is a mile ahead of Monster Hunter Tri Graphically.

Mr Logic3171d ago

If they were comparing graphics from all platforms do you really think SC:C would have gotten 8.5?


People should ignore the US ign scores. They are rather sh*tty and inconsistent.

Redempteur3171d ago

graphics doesn't mean HD

it also means diversity , artistic style , amount of details ect ect

Downtown boogey3171d ago

That's a an excellent point! Super Mario Galaxy was the highest rated game of 2007 BUT should it even be compared to the next-gen games? Wii games should be reviewed in comparison to everything else on the market and not be treated as handicapped.

amogrr3170d ago

Then no game on any platform but the PC would get 9+ scores.

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rezzah3170d ago

Ha, the lasting appeal should be 10 =p Seriously if you like this game it will NEVER end until you decide to stop.

kesvalk3170d ago

or until you collect everything... okay, until you decide to stop...

hatchimatchi3170d ago

this game looks awesome, hopefully people will actually use wii speak

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