DC Universe has 'a lot of work ahead of it'

CVG: Sony Online Entertainment has confirmed that PS3 MMO DC Universe Online is on course for an end-of-2010 release - but that its developers "still have a lot of work ahead of them".

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Myst3167d ago

I thought it might be late 2010, it seems like the same can probably be applied to Final Fantasy XIV just as well...


Well I guess one can't really complain if they pour their heart and soul into the game to make it the best damn DC Universe MMO that they can possibly make.

RadientFlux3167d ago

don't be surprised if the title gets pushed to 2011

avengers19783167d ago

wouldn't be surprised to see it in fall 2011.

Christopher3167d ago

I'm patient, but really hope I at least get into the beta.

AngryFork3167d ago

I'm honestly interested in this game but because of FF14 i'm not sure if i'll join it. I'd like to see if they issue an open beta and then i'll try out both and see which one I like better.

I hope this succeeds but i'm not sure, there seems to be a decent amount of MMO's coming out on PS3/PC this fall and early 2011. Hopefully DC Universe will find it's own audience and the comic book crowd joins and it can flourish.

Baka-akaB3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

I think that out of the 4 or 5 frontrunners for superheroes mmo , DC and Marvel definitively got an easy advantage . All they've got to do is release a better city of heroes without the numerous possible screw ups .
And it looks like it's happening , at least with DC .

being a wolverine or batman clone in the DCU or MU is definitively much more appealing that watered down clone universes .

lodossrage3167d ago

Except for the fact that you CAN'T be a clone of them. In this game you can only fight along side the heroes and/or villains. You can't become them

Games4M - Rob3167d ago

But you can create your own hero with nigh on identical powers.

If you want to create a guy who flys and shoots lazers out of his eyes you can do that - Superman
If you want to create a tank character who specialize in close combat you can do that – Wolverine

There’s plenty of customization options for appearance so making a guy in a blue costume with a red cape, or a guy in a yellow catsuit with a black pointy mask shouldn’t be too hard.

Baka-akaB3167d ago (Edited 3167d ago )

Like said above , of course you can be clones , with various degree of accuracy .

That's the whole point . Not everyone is going to be that original and creative , and pretty much much every powers and fighting style will be stuff that's already used in comics

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washingmachine3167d ago

i thought at least the summer,but woteve,just look forward to playn it when it hits.

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