PlayStation Store Functionality Update - Back/Forward Buttons

Yes, Loot Ninja knows there are Previous and Next buttons at the bottom of most pages in the PlayStation Store. Now, you don't have to scroll through all the text to get to those buttons. You can use L1 to move back and R1 to move forward.

This was added during the recent downtime of the PlayStation Network. It was widely believed that the code for the PlayStation Store would need to be updated via firmware, however this update shows most of the code resides on the PlayStation Network servers.

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fiercescuba3880d ago

This makes life just a little bit easier.

The KEN KUTARAGI3880d ago

Just play around with the XBOX360 dashboard for a while if you want some more good ideas.

The XBox360 has only been using its triggers to navigate for.... ever

Azures3880d ago

The dashboard is a mess, all of the 360's interface is. Not saying this as a fanboy either, but the XMB is just much more pleasant to use.

SquallSK3880d ago

Well the internet browser has it since the very beginning so they just put it to PStore as well ..

Torch3880d ago

Why are you here???

No seriously: WHY are you here?

Because I AM curious; I've always found abnormal psychology to be a fascinating field.

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aiphanes3880d ago

I always wanted sony to use the R1 and L1 to go bakc and forth....What other secrets has anybody found?

Greysturm3880d ago

So the 5 minute downtime was to add this? I sometimes wonder what goes on the thinktanks at our gaming corportations.

Armyless3880d ago

the Store can be updated without a system update...


carlman233880d ago


But seriously, it was an annoying feature of the store to be sure... nice that they fixed it ;-)

drtysouf213880d ago

of content from E3 they want to make it easier to navigate.

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The story is too old to be commented.