Halo MMORPG had $90 million budget

Ex-Ensemble developer Dusty Monk says Ensemble Studios spent three years developing a WOW killer--before Microsoft suddenly pulled the plug.

In July 2005, evidence surfaced that Age of Empires developer Ensemble Studios was working on a Halo-based massively multiplayer online role-playing game. Two weeks after Microsoft closed Ensemble in September 2008, reports surfaced that the project in question had been set in the Halo universe.

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Kalowest3051d ago

Now that's a HUGE budget, Holy Sh!t.

dangert123051d ago

ms got money to waste!!!

Kalowest3051d ago

The real waste, is them not investing that kind of money to their 1st party devs like that all the time, and using it on timed exclusives.

Letros3051d ago (Edited 3051d ago )

So this was a PC game at once? Had to be if they were claiming it was going to knock off WoW.

edit-Ahh yes, I see the mouse cursor on the screenshot, if that's legit...

ehsham javed3050d ago

if this game was made then halo would be finished. just imagine all those sony fanboys and thier insults