New Dragon Quest Announced for Wii

After rumors of a major Dragon Quest X announcement incoming, it seems like those rumors can be put to bed with the announcement of a different Wii Dragon Quest title coming from Square Enix in the form of Dragon Quest: Monster Battle Road Victory.

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qface643141d ago

aww i thought we would finally get news about DQX
so what will this one be like?

VegaShinra3141d ago

Sounds like a DQ meets Pokemon Stadium type thing.

SpoonyRedMage3140d ago

We probably won't hear abour DQX for a while.

Game looks cool though.

Mahr3141d ago

Does an arcade port really count as 'New'?

phantomexe3140d ago

I love FF games but i can't stand this or KH.Like KH i just can't get engrossed into a game with mikey mouse.It just don't work for me and DQ i don't know why i guess i can't get pulled into the story.I really do love rpg there my favorite but i know alot of you love DQ and KH so don't take this as bashing the 2.They just seem to kiddy.I'm guessing not my kind of rpgs but i did love golden sun one and 2.

matey3140d ago

sounds like wiiware i mean dragon quest 10 is relesing 2011 Q1-2

Subzero200x3140d ago

I hope were not getting this sh*t instead of the real sequel.

SpoonyRedMage3140d ago

Unless they move it to the (3)DS DQX is a Wii title, I can't see it going anywhere else.

It seems more likely that Square Enix is putting out the ports(and possibly a remake or two) before the main entry to help cultivate an audience as they did with the DS.

The game actually sounds good as well, lots of fanservice, flashy graphics, online play and some funky DSi connection for fans of the arcade version.

It probably won't be localised but due to the fact that the Wii port doesn't require cards we might actually get it.