Video game crossovers that might never happen

The crossover: a great way to combine 2 franchises that would otherwise have nothing to do with each other. Famous crossovers have included Spiderman meeting the X-men, Soul Calibur fighters meeting Star Wars characters and the cast of Gilligan's Island meeting the Harlem Globetrotters. So with the announcement of a Gears of War/Lost Planet video game, G3 is going to play around with some ideas on some cool and unlikely video game crossovers.

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Murgatroyd73141d ago

Sadly, I could see a Frogger/Battletoads crossover happening. Not that it will, of course; I just wouldn't be surprised. They've already run the Frogger franchise into the ground and there's that newer two-legged version of Frogger...

Mario Mergola3141d ago

Very very nicely done article. Creative concept and cool idea.

omicron0093141d ago

my brain is going crazy with crossover possiblities