Fist of the North Star Loading Times Prove PS3 Victorious

PSLS writes: "Only weeks ago, Japan saw the release of video game adaptation of the popular manga series Fist of the North Star. Its multiplatform release was met with quick demand as it topped the Japanese sales charts, particularly on the PlayStation 3 platform. More interestingly, the game has shown us just how much Sony's expensively-designed PS3 hardware has paid off..."

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kalebgray923137d ago

superior hardware and software for the win... ps3

Hanif-8763137d ago

I just a matter of optimization, maybe an awful port :-/

VINNIEPAZ3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

"superior hardware and software for the win... ps3"

Jesus Christ its that good ole "Fanboy logic" again. "Yes Fist of the North Star loads faster on PS3! This must mean its superior!"

Get a grip fanboy. Bottom line its bad programing/optimizing. Like sukru said GoW 3 has no load times so does this mean the hardware and software in the PS3 all of a sudden got a magic upgrade?

WTF are some people thinking?


Are you retarded? Did you just say because this game has faster load times all of a sudden Blu-ray has faster read/write ability? This doesn't change the fact DVD has much faster read/write times, its just bad optimizing. Can you not understand this, its not MAGIC people.

WildArmed3137d ago


oh wait..

Nvm, YAY 4 the superiror platform ps3..
i told you the 360 is worser! These amazing devs proved that porting it just doesn't work on the weaker platform.


ChrisW3137d ago

Too bad Meticritic will be giving this game a 40 or less.

Seriously, PS2 graphics! You can tell by the screen shots!

ShinRyuHadoken3137d ago

PS3 is the lead platform, thats why it got better loading times and better graphics.

hay3137d ago

@ChrisW: I'm blind, but I can see this looks quite OK, not "PS2 OK" but "Xbox360 OK".

vhero3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

And people say Blu Ray is slower than DVD this is the 3rd game now (recently) where PS3 has loaded faster. Most notably these games are coming from Japan..

kancerkid3137d ago

@ Obvious PS fanboys

Lazy developers are lazy

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Demons Souls3137d ago

360 getting the inferior version as usual.

DrWan3137d ago

stole that info from Andriasang website.

DrWan3137d ago

Here are the results in seconds:

* Xbox360 (DVD): 44.344
* Xbox360 (DVD & DLC): 61.895
* Xbox360 (HDD): 19.169
* Xbox360 (HDD & DLC): 38.088
* PS3 (HDD + BD): 6.822
* PS3 (HDD + BD & DLC): 7.706

ElementX3137d ago

PSLS is the web's premier news rehashing site.

DrWan3137d ago

At least it's real "news" to some ppl. Unlike thousands of articles that sounds like this:

What will be Sony's big E3?


Will MSFT Natal sell more than Move?


Activision just acquired EA, or..not.

I mean come on, those articles are just a waste of everyone's time, they add NOTHING to our knowledge base as gamers, just out there to get hits for the $hitty little sites that don't even rank on google search to make money on their 25 cents per 1000 impression banners.

At least this article is new "news" to some and alerts ppl that one version is clearly better if they own both machines, so it benefits the community.

So i approved it.

WildArmed3137d ago

I dont mind retelling of articles.
As long as they are credited.

Anyways, other than the flamebait title, this could pass as news.

Dir_en_grey3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

LOL "steal". Andriasang just takes his news from Japanese news sites that I've been going to for years and years. All he does is he just visit those sites and translates them. But he's not the only one online that can read Japanese... The Examiner guy does the same thing. Andriasang definitely was not the first to find this youtube vid and report on it.

I'm not slamming Andriasang (your work is much appreciated Andria), I'm just slamming #2 for wrongfully slamming PSLS.

DrWan3137d ago

everyone slams everyone, it's a slam party. bring it on people. Slam away, in the end of the day. What matters is REAL FREAKING NEWS. which this qualifies.

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Foliage3137d ago (Edited 3137d ago )

DVD once again proving how last gen it is.

Only on failbox can the inferior version of a game take a vast substantial amount longer to load.

Even running off the HDD, the failbox still failed. Ouch.

7.7 seconds on the PS3. 61.9 seconds on the 360..... enough said.

theunleashed643137d ago

lol failbox caint even do proper loading times bu bu bu bu teh multiplats are better on teh xbox 36shitty xD

infamousinfolite3137d ago

That comment has failed the xbots the moment they brought it up.

ChrisW3137d ago

You should work on that speech impediment!

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