Famitsu Scans for Week of April 14

New scans of Xenoblade, Fairy Tail Portable Guild, White Knight Chronicles 2, Lost Planet 2, Sengoku Basara 3 and more.


Xenoblade and Super Mario Galaxy 2 HQ scans

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Endless_X3140d ago

Some pages are missing, I'll update if more scans come out.

Endless_X3140d ago

"So where is the 5 unannounced level 5 games?"


Don't believe everything you read over there.

King Kazma3140d ago

so far so good...

Myst3140d ago

I agree and wouldn't mind getting it.

King Kazma3140d ago

Yeah, Fairy Tail looks good too, been reading the manga lately, although I got the feeling that the game is going to release in late Q3 or early Q4...

WildArmed3140d ago

meh, I'm just heartbroken that US and PS3 won't get any love from Fairy Tail </3

ClownBelt3140d ago

Holy Crap a Fairy Tail game. I would love to see some Erza action there.

WildArmed3139d ago

lol, she would probably be the most varied character.. (with mastery in every weapon FTW!)

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