VGC Review: MotoGP 09/10

VGC writes: "MotoGP 09/10 is a title that feels comfortable mixing and matching the simulation and arcade approaches of the racing genre. The learning curve will feel quite steep for newcomers to the racing genre, and even those coming from a four wheeled racing background, with corners being much more difficult to handle than in a standard racer, requiring more forward planning and tighter control throughout the turn. So far so good, but MotoGP 09/10 consistently pulls back from being realistic – you need not pay much attention to the position of your rider on the bike and his weight distribution, for example, and use of the tuck button is essential, giving an unrealistic boost to your speed. There's also a coloured racing line which feels like an essential aid until you've learnt each track, more so than in other types of racing games. It all adds to the game's accessibility, but it ultimately dulls the unique nature of motorbike racing."

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