Steel Battalion is Alive and Well (Kind of)

DualShockers writes: "From what seemed like an endless ocean of free play areas that populated the upper level of the Hynes convention center during PAX East, it was one of the smallest rooms that sparked the most intrigue. When you first enter the room and see all of the monitors lined up with these massive glowing controllers with glowing buttons below them, one can only think that they have just walked onto the bridge of a real life starship enterprise. All I needed was a pointy-eared Vulkan to show up and tell me to "live long and prosper.""

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Chadness3083d ago

It is likely something like this would go over much better in this day and age, as mentioned. I know I'd be interested. ;)

Gago3083d ago

capcom plz make another

iiprotocolii3083d ago

I once told myself that I should check purchase this thing - but I couldn't bring myself to cough up $200 for it. Now that I look back on it, though, I think if it was released for this generation, I might just pick it up. The system is extremely complex.

Chadness3083d ago

It was surreal being in that room seeing all those SB controllers set up. Very surreal.

JoelT3083d ago

Someone bring this back please! Imagine this is next gen graphics?!??!

Ninferno3083d ago

i rather spend money on this than rock band

JoelT3083d ago

make it for natal, so I can look like an even bigger idiot while gaming!

Hitman07693083d ago

Agreed! Where can I get one of these?

iiprotocolii3083d ago


This for Natal? Nope. I prefer to have the actual hardware - that's what makes it far more appealing. I'll feel like a Power Ranger.

taz80803083d ago

The controller itself was impressive. It was ahead of its time with peripherals now exceeding $200 for plastic instruments. Suddenly a large controller does not look so crazy.

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The story is too old to be commented.