Chris Roper Spotted with Zipper Interactive

Former IGN journalist Chris Roper was recently laid off on March 10, 2010. Although there's no official statement as to why, he did make an entrance on Socom 4 main website. That's right; Zipper Interactive has taken the initiative and hired Chris Roper as their newest Community Specialist. Now he will be monitoring both Socom 4 and MAG forums on a regular basis. After seven years of Playstation coverage on IGN, it's inspiring to see this exceptional journalist still making it in the gaming industry.

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vhero3170d ago

Honestly why would they hire a PS3 hater?? Surely they knew this??

hatchimatchi3169d ago

ps3 hater?

I don't read ign, I only listen to their podcasts and he always seemed non-biased in podcast beyond.

Good for him though in finding a job so quick.