Halo 3 gets M rating in States

America's ESRB board has given Halo 3 an "M" rating, meaning that only gamers aged 17 and over in the States. With all of the previous Halo releases having netted M ratings as well, it seems that whatever the single player element holds, the level of violence found within it should be on a par with what we've seen from previous games.

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Excalibur4023d ago

"Could the final chapter bring the extremes of war to your living room?"

Gosh, I hope so...

closedxxx4023d ago

This will help keep the game from being watered down like the latest DIE HARD installment.
And we all know it won't have any negative effect on sales.
Loko at GEARS of WAR if you want confirmation of that.

the worst4023d ago

ms want halo 4,5,6
there going 2 milk this cow dry

Diselage4023d ago

And the first two were rated what again? This is not a shock at all.

MyNutsYourChin4023d ago

I don't understand why this is news.

nobizlikesnowbiz4023d ago

This is news?

Maybe since the recent manhunt deal.

What would be weak is if Jack Thompson comes out of the woodwork and proclaims Halo 3 to be degrading to society, "hyperviolent", and the most gory game in history.

Then we could all have a good laugh and band together to hate him.
Since I think all gamers of all creeds can get together to say F**K Jack Thompson!

Delive4023d ago

The ESRB is useless in this case. Parents who are clueless or don't care will still get it for little jonny who will play in his room and cuss with the grown ups and become such a benefit to society.

Arsenic134023d ago

Yeah true , but hopefull a parent or 2 will see this news and prohibit their child from getting this.

Skizelli4023d ago

You're partly right. There's also Halo fans that have kids and will let them play it. Gotta love the tweens that have sailor mouths and act all tough on a game.

Umbrella Corp4023d ago

wont stop me or my friends from getting it.unless it has nudity i wont get in trouble :p

Schmitty074023d ago

I didn't see this coming.

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The story is too old to be commented.