Guitar Hero III E3 2007 Hands-On

Can't stop the rock: Gamespot get's an early look at the next Guitar Hero game from Activision.

"Beyond the new soundtrack--and there are more tunes to announce as we get closer to the game's release later this year--perhaps the most striking thing about Guitar Hero III is its upgraded look. Everything from the menu system, to the characters, and even the in-game gauges have a new sheen to them that might take some getting used to for long-time GH fans. For one thing, the guitarists themselves--while still retaining the cartoon proportions that gave them their charm in the earlier games--now have better muscle definition and slightly more realistic skin textures. There's a new axe-slinger on board, too--the pixie-ish J-pop star Midori. And it's not just the guitarists--the Neversoft developers went ahead and motion-captured the mouths of the singers in the game, so that you have actual lip-synching to the words of the various songs on the soundtrack. Heck, even the bearded bass player has a new axe to pluck. The star-power meter is now measured out in tubes like those you'd use in the back of a Marshall stack, and there will be new arenas and clubs for you to rock out in, including a seedy club complete with pole dancers and a desert rock festival that looks like it's patterned after Coachella, though mercifully free from the smell of hippies."

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Shadow Man4027d ago

This game just looks like its trying to just add the three and make more money off the franchise. Heck, not even the true people who made Guitar Hero is making this game (Harmonix). Im more excited for Rock Band which will have the true "Guitar Hero" feel.

sticky doja4027d ago

It looks better all around, and the songs are great (the ones I have seen anyway.) It will play exactly the same with new features. Don't care who makes it, but I can tell from the info I have read, including ign's hands on article that this game will f'm rock. I am excited about rock band as well but not excited about having to pay $200+ to play the damn thing.

xXbebofisherXx4027d ago

yea harmonix is gone but who really made guitar hero? if i recall its a little place called red octane. also if u ever played the 360 version of gh2. activision did a great job. so basically with red octane in the group. its gonna be the same old guitar hero with better looking sets and different songs. nothing much different. rock band might be good. it might not.

FreeMonk4027d ago

before Rock Band arrives.

It's a shame to say it after the success of the Guitar Hero francise, but it looks like it's going to get overshadowed by Rock Band.

With a month gap between the two, it should fill the void until Rock band arrives!

Macdory4027d ago

Why would anyone buy another GH game - especially on the XBOX 360 until they sort out what the fook they are doing about DLC ... especially pricing which was the big draw to buy the 360 version over the PS2 version ...

sticky doja4027d ago

so you don't have to d/l at over $2 a pop. If it has as many songs as GH2 then each song will be under $1, which is a better deal than from itunes lol, and you can't play (gaming wise) your songs from itunes.

MyNutsYourChin4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I'm excited about this game!

I'd rather spend $50 on this then $150-$200 on a complete rock band game. Besides, I have a real rock band and real skins are far more entertaining and rewarding to play than a plastic kit.

I'll let my buddies shell out the cash for Rock Band while I purchase GH III and 2 to 3 other games to entertain me.

Shadow Man4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

I believe you will have to purchase another guitar to play guitar hero 3 thats how they are going to make their money. So you will be spending $100 rather then $50 :)

sticky doja4027d ago

Only if you want a wireless guitar. If you had to buy a new one everyone would boycott it, or at least I would.

Now for Rock Band you will have to buy a new guitar.

xXbebofisherXx4027d ago (Edited 4027d ago )

buy a new guitar? r u flipping serious? man u must be new to the guitar hero scene. u didnt have to buy a new guitar for number 2 on the ps2. same thing with the 360 version. if u want wireless go for it. i personally dont care. also rock band is gonna be a arm and a leg for the average solo gamer. not everyone has friends to play with all the time. plus the difference in price of the ps2 version and 360 version of gh2 was 10 bucks. 10 freaking dollars. wow its so much more money. plus real guitar hero fans dont need dlc. we have them all. all the number 1 and 2 songs. plus if u think about it. ud spend more money on the ps2 versions of guitar hero to get all the songs than with dlc. so basically its a double edged sword.

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