Suddenly: The Great Fall Of Infinity Ward

GT:How is this even possible? You know what I'm talking about because you've read the headline. In a moment, in a twinkling of an eye the once mighty, and untouchable studio was brought to its knees. No, lying flat on the face Infinity Ward came down crashing and is now inhaling the smoke left after the fire succumbed.

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mjolliffe3166d ago

We really can't be sure what it's like at Respawn, Infinity Ward and Activision.

They'll move on after the lawsuit and that'll be that!

MasFlowKiller3165d ago (Edited 3165d ago )

Suddenly i don't think so,
in my view they lost their way a long time ago, i stared losing some respect for IW after they began talking trash about treyarch, and the disappointment MW2 was, made me dislike wat they did to the Call Of Duty 4 Modern Warfare game , i think they been falling for a while.

I think everyone expected those guys to be fire, u dont talk trash about ur peers and ur boss and get away with it no matter how big u are.

It makes it hard to feel bad about IW even though we all know Activison is at fault.

slave2Dcontroller3166d ago

The Zampella and West departure was THEE death of IW. In fact, there is no Infinity Ward to refer to. GO Respwan!! XD

darksied3165d ago

If respawn entertainment is/gets filled with old IW staffers, and these guys are the same ones who game MW2 the glitchy, buggy game that it is, how much hope/faith should we have for their next game?

Brklynty13165d ago

You don't f*ck with someones damn paycheck, cuz then sh*t comes back to bite you in the ass. I hope CoD fails period and Zampella and West get the rights to MW. Let EA show them how its done. Because BC2 wtfpwns MW2.

AliTheBrit193165d ago

A Great Developer... Destroyed by Activison.

movements3165d ago

Sad indeed. But talent is talent and folks will find new homes...

indysurfn3165d ago

Arrogance, this is the fall of many a Hugh company. Any executive will tell you that the best assets are the employees. EVEN MORE SO FOR A GAME COMPANY.

There is more to this than meets the eye. There where bonuses that management did not pay. They made promises to pay later, did not. Then set a date(finally). Then once the date was about two come (two weeks before release) they fired them! HOW convenient!

And that's not all. For several months before they hired a lawyer to follow the employees to see if they could be fired for insubordination ( which carries vast leeway). This proves to you that they where planning to not pay, why would you need a lawyer to find a thing? Because insubordination is easy to prove unless a person is not insubordinate.

What really happened is they said some things in public and did not retract them, because they where true.

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