First gameplay footage of Burnout Paradise

Amazing new gameplay footage of Burnout Paradise for the PS3 and Xbox 360

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Blankman3847d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

maybe am exagerrating but those crashes make motorstorm look like childsplay

@ idontcare. Yea i know motorstorm is a great game i have it but haven't played it for over a month in fact its currently the game i least play. Not saying motorstorm is not a great game but for me it gets old after a while and then i played online and everyone was doin the boost exploit it was bull so i really don't play it anymore. It sucks playing against computer everytime if the game had split screen it would definetly still get more play time. Am a big fan of the burnout series and am sorry but i will take burnout over motorstorm anyday. Glad its being made on ps3 1st that way ps3 dosent get shafted and should(might) come out the superior version

felidae3846d ago

it's not only the crashes that make motorstorm one of the most intensive games ever.

Maddens Raiders3846d ago (Edited 3846d ago )

since MStorm is played on dirt and mud (no asphalt scraping sparks), but they still look good. With that said this type of game is not my cup of tea.

jromao3846d ago

But the tail camera view should be raised a little bit, but all seems awsome.

gokuss1220023847d ago

ZAwsome. I wonder if there will be any PS3, 360, differences

The Real Joker3847d ago

If the past is any kind of indication, the 360 will be superior. Maybe online play for 360 and none for PS3. Now where have I heard that one before?

zedane333846d ago

the lead platform is the ps3

if your asking for an indication look for burnout ps2 vs. xbox
the ps2 is much better.

DruePhoenix3846d ago

yes, sixaxis can be used in crash control

is that a big deal? nah, but it is a difference

nice_cuppa3846d ago

i hated the last couple of burnout games as hitting traffic and carrying on ruined it for me (fvcking casual gamers !)

i'm glad you have to dodge the other cars again.

yay !

SmokeyMcBear3846d ago

haha make motorstorm look like childsplay. The thing is about motorstorm, each little piece of hardware is an actual part of the cars suspension/body/structure. Take a look again at the crashes, even more specifically, the slow motion repeat of a head on crash... what exactly is are the hundreds of little pieces of material that fly of the car, and sparks and what not, is that actual parts, is it paint that flies off.. what it is... it is effects to over exaggerate the crashes of the car, not realistic, but looking fantastic, over the top effects that make the game what it is, a very fun crash em up arcade. Just don't compare the two is all im saying

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The story is too old to be commented.