Will Gears 3 multiplayer just be another shotgun fest?

Epic Games has a history of building hype for their games by pointing out the flaws in their previous ones then claiming to have addressed them. Will they finally listen to the feedback given by the community or will Gears of War 3 online just be another shotgun fest?

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Greywulf3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

It was proven with Splinter Cell... with the developer "running out of time"

It will be proven again with Gears3.

There are gamers, then there are bots & 360 owners that will buy anything what comes out.

HDD/Wifi/Paying for Peer to Peer..

the list goes on.

Thank God the bar of gaming isn't set by MS, we'd have severely low expectations of that was the way.

qface643143d ago

most likely YES! yes it will and that is a bad thing if you actually think the shotgun is a good weapon in gears multiplayer then your a noob who can only get kills withe the same old

shotgun----melee and repeat just as bad as the noobs who only wanna chainsaw

TotalPS3Fanboy3143d ago (Edited 3143d ago )

they did say that it will be more arcady. And it will emphasis the shotgun even more, as if the shotgun wasn't emphasis enough. So basically, there's no point to the other guns in Gears of War 3. In other word, Gears 3 will just be a shotgun fest.

Kalowest3143d ago

The Sniper is the F'ing best, and the pistol after that.

fox023143d ago

Gears, Halo and CoD are very noob friendly. Apparently Gears 3 is going to be even more "arcadey" than it's previous installations.
That's what the majority of people that buy these games love, you guys can b!tch about it all you want it won't change a thing.

For your hardcore fix, you have Operation Flash point, MAG, SOCOM... so move along.

I like my "noob" friendly games.

Kalowest3143d ago

Halo is not noob friendly, MP can be very challenging.

fox023142d ago

Halo wouldn't be so popular if it wasn't "noob friendly".

kaveti66163142d ago

Halo has a split multiplayer, one for "hardcore" gamers and one for social/casuals players.

Thus, it is very noob friendly.

I don't like the direction Gears 3 is headed in after reading Cliffy B's comments about embracing shotgun and arcadeyness. That's lame, Cliffy. If you just balance the weapons a bit you won't have to embrace the flaws of Gears 2.

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Xander7563143d ago

PS3fanboy, can you provide link to where they say it will emphasize the shotgun even more? If it is true I won't be getting this...