PS3: Price Does Matter; Xbox 360: Maybe Not

Alright then, we know what's going to happen next. Microsoft, after nervously watching an instantaneous PS3 sales spike in reaction to the US$100 price cut in the world's biggest games market, is going to follow suit with its own US$50 cut to Xbox 360. But will it work? The short answer is no.

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Odion3905d ago

ok so everyone just ignore the douche above me.

I am kinda mixed about this, i think right now a price drop wouldn't be that helpful but in Setpember when Halo 3 comes out hell ya

the_round_peg3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

that's the killer pricing strategy.

but expect 360 core to drop to $199 before this year's shopping season.

Also Known As3905d ago

Microsoft if you are reading this, just make pretend that you are having a meeting with your marketing department and that i happen to be one of the members of it and you just asked everyone one of us to give our suggestions. Here are mine:

It might hurt us (microsoft) in the pocket initially, but in the long run it will prove to have been the right decision. If we surprise the consumers by lowering the price of the core and the pro by $100 and the elite by $80 in other words:

core $200
pro $300
elite $400

We will without a doubt in my mind remain the leaders of this generation. To make up for our finacial losses we could just keep these new prices for a little longer than usual that way the consequences of the action of lowering the price by so much so early will be counter -balanced.

Microsoft. DO IT!

dantesparda3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

Both price cuts, while better than nothing, are bullsh!t! $100 for the PS3 is not enough (it should have been $200) and $50 for the 360 is not enough either (should have been a $100). And as matter of fact, the Wii needs to drop too! I'd say to a $100.

And to most of the guys above me..., all fanboys

You dont get it, i do know that, I know that it would be stupid for them (Nintendo) to do that right now when they are selling so well, but I still think that the system is really to much and should really cost no more than a $100, period! And god damn that's a ugly baby!

SlappyMcTaint3905d ago

@ Also Known As: uuhh, yeah, M$ reads this site all the time (sarcasm)

@ dantesparda: Reduce the price of the Wii to $100???! You obviously have no sense whatsoever about business! They can't keep the Wii in stock -why would they cut the price by more than half? To sell more?!?! Wow, your comment just might be my next forum sig. - it's like saying HD-DVD will win over Blu-Ray because more people have HDTV's than Blu-Ray TV's... LOL!

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ngoniko3905d ago

did a fanboy wrote this article?

XxZxX3905d ago

no, but a fanboy will interpret it as fanboy news.

ps3gogetitt3905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

....but we shall see, competition is always good, I have purchased about 4 ps2's in it's life time (so I bought a ps3 as soon as it came) i hope ms drops their price becuase i want to play mass effect and too human...I will be picking one up for sure

Kojima should think like this guy and keep mgs4 on ps3

Morbius4203905d ago (Edited 3905d ago )

I'd be concerned because I want PS3 to be successful; just not as much as 360. Sony and Microsoft (and to a lesser extent Nintendo) need each other. We shouldn't want either side to be defeated or overly confident for victory. People on both sides of the fence should just relax and enjoy the ride. We're ALL in this together and we're ALL going to have fun.